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I wear an m17 for luls


I wear it it to costco

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Get out of here Stalker.

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Anu cheeki breeki iv damke

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I hope to Christ you wear the poncho with it

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I wore it to microcenter before summer. The problem is it makes me feel like a wrestler wearing trash bags to cut weight.. Gets extremely hot.

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I have yet to wear a mask but fucking hell I would wear this lol

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Its great for luls. There are 4 types of people

I. Long head turning stares

Ii. People who pretend like you are invisible

Iii. Dudes who are clearly vets: "dude thats fuckin awesome!"

Iv. People who comment saying its nice, but i can tell theyre a bit uncomfortable. I tell them, "i know... It actually works, covers my eyes, and works on tear gas too... 2020 you never know"

It has a built in straw for a canteen adapter. I think im going to purchase it so i can drink with it on... I feel like im invading iraq when it gets hot out.

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You're a true patriot

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I suggested wearing pantyhose as a joke and my friend was serious when he said "no, then you'll be one of THEM". It truly is an us vs them situation.

This is a game to see who will obey, who is retarded and listens to the medias panic mongering bleating, and who tells them to fuck off.

I don't talk to most of my family anymore. I imagine that is part of their strategy, to isolate the people who refuse to bow to these coward faggots.

A relative sends me endless fear mongering about the far right, covid, trump. I've told her to fuck off multiple times, that she consumes too much garbage media and I won't tolerate her crying and acting like a victim when I tell her she's wrong. I am convinced that there is no reasoning with these people anymore, they're simply too retarded and obsessed with virtue signalling. I'm not lying when I say I HATE most of my family, and would have no problem hanging them personally. I simply value morals and order more than their emotional lying and destruction of everything good.

[–] AnotherGrayman 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Blood doesn't make you family, it only makes you related.

Those people aren't your family anymore.

[–] ThePoliceTookMyGuns 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

It's a shame because some of them used to be aware. The ones that moved to rich areas and got old no longer experience much of anything, and their entire world is email communication with other completely retarded old people who send chain emails, and the mainstream media all day every day.

[–] Blood-is-Nature ago 

Blood doesn't make you family, it only makes you related.

The family unit is a bond to protect shared blood, and a bond between natural opposites (femininity and masculinity) creates a shared responsibility to maintain the balance in between them.

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Hey friend, you sound like me. You are not alone. I have already mourned my communist parents although they are still alive. I refuse to associate with degenerate brainwashed communists. They are literally fucking retarded and I for one don't need stupid people in my life. Good for you for having some fucking morals. I still have yet to wear a mask in any restaurant or retail establishment. Fuck them all.

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The best part is when they claim they deserve respect because they gave birth to someone who gave birth to me.

Right... when I was homeless as a young teenager and had to sleep in a forest in a childs sleeping bag, when indians were attempting to murder me dozens of times for my wallet on the streets, and you left me out there... Is that the respect you mean?

I grew up with no clue about how the world actually was, with a bunch of lies and false morals in my naive innocent skull, waiting to get smashed out by the first middle aged savage who saw a defenseless kid. That respect? Yea, you totally deserve that respect, you fucking twit.

I heard a story when I was younger about how my grandfather dragged her into the basement and put a gun to her head. At the time I wondered "Why would anyone do that?". By the time I was 20 I realized it was more of a case of "What did you do to deserve that, you mongrel cunt?" And in the past 10 years she has proven my instincts were correct. She will call me names when I drop statistics and sources on her, offering nothing more than emotional reactions like "You're a bigot" "You're like Hitler" "You're biased". The reality is I've educated myself, and she's nothing more than a retarded tier bitch.

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Don’t let the State ruin your family relationships - that’s exactly what they want. Live as an example to others - take the lead and show them how NOT to be afraid

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Pantyhose over your face ya got it.

[–] ALIENS2222 ago 

No one talks to me any moar. Only wife and kids.. Every other person has lost our numbers. I'm glad. After a year I changed my number. Good riddance.

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In early March, yes. Now, no.

Early on we didn't have as much confirmed info available. We didn't know how deadly it was, how contagious it was, how it spread, etc.

Much of that confusion was from the conflicting reports designed to mislead people. Regardless, I knew there was something going on, and figured corruption was at play, but I played it safe for a while.

Now there's no longer PPE shortages, we know how it spreads, we know who's at risk, we know how to treat it, and we also have made adjustments to our society like splash screens in front of cashiers.

With this new info, and availability of proper PPE, literally NO ONE is at risk anymore. If you are a morbidly obese organ transplant recipient on immunosuppressants with COPD, stage 25 diabetes, and heart arrhythmia... you better don a full face respirator even when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Point being, if you want to protect yourself today, you can. And you know what you're up against. And the curve has been flattened, there is no shortages, and society has adjusted to be less germ-spread friendly.

Furthermore, it's quite obvious the case numbers are being tweaked. Even the CDC data shows a significant decline in deaths.

I'm firmly against mandatory mask wearing for the obvious tyrannical implications. I don't mind recommendations, or offering people without masks a mask if they want one.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a mask, but mandatory mask requirements can bite the dust.

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We need some kind of mailing list or way to unite with each other. There are a lot of us but we aren't connected.

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Where's tallest_skil to shut you down?

[–] wakemeupvoatz 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Yeah? What ideas do you have for it?

[–] Featherfall ago 

Yeah. I stopped talking to much of my liberal family and wish I could connect with some goats or find like- minded people near me. You in the Midwest friend?

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I agree with you to reject a job that would require it. There are serious health and quality of life issues.

I was going without until I couldn't go to Walmart or the nearest grocer anymore.

Now I wear those cooling face masks that offer no respiratory interference.

Because none of the mask mandates are based on science, they don't have NIOSH requirements. That is how you know it is nonsense.

So just wear anything on your face. I tied up a t-shirt yesterday for one bodega.

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I've used a plastic bag loosely draped, a t-shirt, a tool apron, pillow case, sun hood and just about anything else you can imagine. I'm in Commiefornia for work so shopping is a bitch, I seriously use anything to get through the door and take it off until I go to check out and immediately after they hand me my change I take it off again.

It was priceless one visit to home depot, I took my mask off as a fat niggress handed me my change and "axed" me, "Sir could you please put your maks back onn cuz I iz worried about that virus!?!" I just told her, "I'd be concerned too if I were obese!" and walked off.

This place is a shithole filled with morons, I use any chance to make people hate life more here. I hope I don't keep this attitude after I go back somewhere with real people again, I'm a cynical son of a bitch here, the place brings out the worst in everyone.

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It’s just cities. Even in the Midwest cities the rate of idiocy has absolutely skyrocketed.

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attitude after I go back somewhere with real people again, I'm a cynical son of a bitch here, the place brings out the worst in everyone.

You mean earth?

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I'm a fan of the hat with mosquito netting on it. It's obviously useless, yet it's technically a face covering.

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My local grocery store now requires them. I walked past about 5-6 employees the other day and none of them said anything. It seemed like a couple other customers were about to say something, but I guess they reconsidered. If they do stop you and tell you you have to wear one, what are they going to do about it? They can ask you to leave, then you can leave your entire cart of groceries in the middle of an aisle. From a business standpoint they'll lose money, and from an individual employee standpoint they'll see the extra work they just created for themselves.

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Our walmart gave up trying to enforce it in the first week. The grocery store I go to wants you to wear them but doen't require it yet and at this point I'd be surprised if they made it mandatory.

I have not worn one at all yet, I might wear one if I got on a job site and they wanted me to wear it but they'd better have a good excuse like one of their parents is dying and they go visit them everyday or something not just "well blah blah said!". Even then they'd have to give me a decent one not made in the fucking country that started this. I've been around people that tested positive but they had no symptoms and I figure I need to get it anyways to get it over with.

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I had to renew my driver's license or choose to go unlicensed. I decided to save my strength for other battles. I wore a mask over my mouth with nose uncovered so I could breathe while in the state offices. My first mask wearing of the year, but nobody challenged me.

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You should have insisted on wearing the mask for the photo.

But I get it as far as choosing your battles.

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When they took your photo did the mask come off? How did that work?

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I'm sure they'll have you remove it for the picture. When going through the TSA, they had me lower my mask to confirm the photo id matched my face.

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Sometimes if you explain your position to people they will work with you. I don't want to wear a mask is there anything you can do? Worst thing they can say is no and you go someplace else.

I get you though. The BMV is one place you might have no choice.

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You're an idiot to try and negotiate your God given freedoms, what the fuck are you going to do when they force their bullshit vaccine on you and their tracking tattoo? If you're already negotiating, better get some kneepads so you can suck their dicks to get out of that one, here's some free advice for you it would probably be easier to kneel to your overlords if you WEAR A FUCKING SKIRT!

[–] Leveraction ago 

Don't go into costco, fuckers demand you cover your nose.

[–] Pepper-theDoctor ago 

i wore a straight up ski mask to costco to make a point. Oddly i got fewer looks than when i go to a store with no mask. In a city with high adoption (& laws requiring it).

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I came up with a brilliant idea for a "mask".

You know those small fans you can buy and put around your neck to cool you off? Deconstruct it, or buy some tiny computer cooling fans and put them in a mask like structure you wear on your face. Attach the fans to a battery supply with a switch. Have the fans pointing OUTWARDS to help propel your exhaust outward and away from you.

You essentially become a super spreader, but no one can really give you shit because you are technically wearing a mask. Also if anyone wants to get close enough to challenge you, you can just breathe heavily and say you're winded/have asthma or something.

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2020 wasn't exciting enough on its own so my immune system went ahead and destroyed all the atrioventricular nerves in my heart. Now I'm a Bluetooth enabled cyborg. I spent 5 days in the ICU without a mask and none of the doctors or nurses cared. The room had a negative pressure hepa filter though. I'm now on immune system suppression drugs, so I'm wearing a mask when in crowds and using hand sanitizer whenever I walk by a bottle. I believe that to be a rational precaution on my part considering my circumstances. I'll still walk down main street and buy an overpriced cup of coffee without thinking twice. In general I think the mandatory mask enforcement is silly. A pet store employee tried to tell my wife she needed to put a mask on our 22 month old daughter the other day. She wasn't necessarily rude in her response, but she did talk to him like he was an idiot. So many people like to larp and feel like they're part of the bigger drama going on. I just want to keep my family happy, do meaningful and productive work, and not die prematurely from systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease.

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The only time I wore a mask was the first week it was wide spread propaganda in early April. My five year old decided it was a great time to break his arm and we had to wear one to be seen at the hospital.

Beyond that, I've refused. And truth be told, every time I've left a place because they required masks, I ended up at a far better place with better people.

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