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Black pill is a term used by faggots who can't accept reality. It's stigma is negative only because 99% of the population are single-digit IQ NPC retards and black pilling them begins a mental state spiral into self-destruction.

Red pills are what wine-drinking, man-bun-wearing, Qew cult member faggots think they're giving when they praise their Orange Israel Jesus on his success at accelerating the greater Israel project.

Black Pill is just reality. Most people can't handle reality so they need a red or blue pill to survive on whatever ideological hopium lets them sleep at night.

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Well put.

I'd be considered black pilled as fuck by most tarded edgelords on here but unlike many, I have a productive life, a great job I enjoy very much & plenty of projects keeping me busy. Just because I understand what's going on and how deeply ingrained it all is doesn't mean I can't find happiness.

I'm also an asshole so I enjoy shoving blackpills down virgin "truth seekers" throats.

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I could have just said Black Pill is reality and most people reject reality, but I prefer my colorful explanation that can be enjoyed by fellow shitlords like yourself.

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So in one sentence you're a Boomer faggot.

I've got mine, so I'll try and make everyone miserable.

You know what man does? They lift others up.

If you fail to do that you're just a rabbi nigger faggot. No better than the people you put a show on resisting.

Take your black pills back to Reddit.

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Sounds like you like shoving black dick down your throat more than anything.

[–] AR47 ago 

That is what it's all about.....relevance. Greater portion of people here are locked within their own lack of it. They can't handle the possibility of just earning a life, much less keeping it.

Fact that you have it makes them furious. Just allow them to stay in that rut....either they will commit suicide or work out of it.

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No, the black pill is not “reality”.

Black pilling is defeatism and cowardice.

Acknowledging that Jews control damn near everything is not a black pill. Saying that there’s no point fighting is a black pill.

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Anymore, I cringe at anybody referring to this shit as different colored pills. The red pill only had any significance because a generation of boomers let their sons and daughters down, so that a wake up call was even necessary, given that so many had lost sight of a well-reasoned conservative position. The baby boomers sold the fucking farm as it concerned conservative beliefs. A red pill is just the initial wake up call.

The black pill is just any cynical position that is sufficiently controversial.

Whether a pill is black or red is relative.

For most of us who had been living in liberal la-la land during our teens, the red pill feels like a black pill. That's why it's difficult for most people to take. The red pill necessarily involves a wake up to some of the unflattering and uncomfortable (but very real) constraints of reality and natural law. A red pill is just what we retroactively call our last black pill once it has settled. After that, a black pill is just the next most cynical or controversial take.

The cynical viewpoint has its use when it is kept inside the proper fenced area of the barnyard, but you cannot continue ceaselessly on the downward spiral of stronger "black pills". Eventually, to act in the world you need a reason. Some set of values that gives you hope - no matter how narrow the domain, for example: I'm going to live an honest, simple life; work hard; have children because there is a reason for me to do that. You have to arrive at a bedrock someday where you say enough is enough with the pessimism and just start doing shit. If there is nothing else to live for, decide on something then. Pick out something to do and don't stop until you do it. Make it hard. Make it something that you can look back on when you're near your last days and say: while everyone else was spiraling about the world ending, I did that.

At some point in the maturation of your beliefs, you have to stop giving a shit about the world and love a few people enough to live for them. For me, that's a pill by itself. Part of the pain so many of us deal with in getting to where we've landed is that we haven't quite shaken this idea of needing to live in a world that we love, or where we love our society. Love is nothing if it's widely distributed. Pick a few people to love and enslave yourself to acting in the world like it's worth doing something for them. Men are servants. Serve. When you serve your love to the few (a family, for instance) like it's your reason for being, you'll necessarily have to serve yourself because your mind and body will have to become your instruments for carving out a slice of the world for those people. Your love for them entails that you will also have to love yourself and be the baddest motherfucker you can.

Incels have a problem. Any man not able, if he desires, to attract a woman and give her babies is doing something wrong in his life. It's a matter of figuring out what it is and finally getting sick and fucking tired enough of your life to change it. But again, it's on every man to climb out of hell himself. Mentors are fine, but this cuts right to the heart of what I just said above: life is short and the time I have to love the few people I want to love is short. We cannot concern ourselves with the guys who aren't concerned enough about themselves to just fucking stop masturbating to porn, to eat right, to train, to learn skills and improve their work performance.

Love the few you are going to love deeply. I'd wager that incels, more than likely, have a problem of loving themselves too much to just jump in the river and get carried away. To subordinate themselves and make themselves slaves to something. They're too worried about themselves, and so they get in their own way.

[–] Buckstabu ago 

people need this

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Black pill faggots can go back to Reddit

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You are part of the universe, if it matters to you, it matters to the universe.

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I think incels are just people who never even try to meet woman and then complain about it. Almost any man can find a woman if he is not afraid to ask women out and talk to them. If you ask one and she says no keep swinging because eventually you'll get a hit. If you are really trying and no woman will go out with you or talk to you then they are probably sensing something really wrong with you. If that's the case figure out what that is and fix it.

Black pills are for people who have given up. That will never be me. I'm all about the red pills so I can learn and fight!

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I don't know if I'd qualify my coworker as an incel, but he had basically given up on women. So we convinced him to go out, find some at church, etc., and try again.

First two dates with different women he was stood up without even a text message. He's not unattractive, he's not fat, he has a stable job and doesn't drink, do drugs, etc. But he's not some guy you'll find on the cover of men's fitness so he's invisible to modern women.

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It's fucking nuts out there.

I see a lot of relationships like pic related when I go outside.


It used to be that beautiful chinks would grovel for the chance of an ugly white dude. Now? Those same gooks now command 6'5" germanics and nordics. Only the top nordics and germanics can get decent white women and even the top of them might be mentally ill as to fuck gooks as well.

Hypergamy has gone full steam ahead as we have abandoned the checks and balances that society has kept in place on it.


Anecdotally I also see white men with black women nowadays. When I was bluepilled I found black women hot but even in that bluepilled stupor I realized that my kids would come out retarded because in my entire public school career the smartest black person I ever saw had nothing on the smartest asian or the smartest white I knew.

Also this gook I used to simp over got an Aryan tik tok looking motherfucker. He pumped and dumped thank god.

[–] WhiteFathers 3 points 1 point (+4|-3) ago 

They are sensing something about him that worries them

[–] H3yGeorge 2 points 1 point (+3|-2) ago  (edited ago)

His only real option is to become rich and have a thorough vetting process for weeding out gold diggers at the same time.

Which is, of course, almost a statistical impossibility. So, poor dude is probably fucked. MGTOW not by choice, but by circumstance of modern reality. His parents failed appropriately preparing him to obtain one in his early years. The rest is up to him.

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Found the boomer.

You have no idea how much has changed since you (or I, gen X) we’re young.

[–] WhiteFathers 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

I have a knife

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“Sensing something really wrong”- Disagree. I have a good friend who women flock too. He’s been to the psychiatric hospital multiple times. Fucker really thought he was Jerry Garcia reincarnated. A failure in life, but still, lots of pussy for him.

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Yeah women like violent men. Great for their individual offspring to have little psycho chadlets and a man that can beat up others, bad for a comfortable and long term society.

See the entire fucking continent of Africa where you have nigglets all under the rule of some Hakeem Olajuwon big nig.

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Youre not understanding what he means by something wrong.

[–] WhiteFathers 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

There are different kinds of crazy. Maybe your friend is crazy but fun and not dangerous. Maybe this other guys has dark secrets or is giving off weird vibes... maybe hes just really boring or has zero self confidence. Woman will run from a guy with no confidence in himself.

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Exactly, take your black pills and fucking kys already, there is no hope so get out of the way for the rest of use who have a future.

Disagree? Prove me wrong queer

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Black pill is the term used about depressing truths. black pilled is someone who is unsatisfied as a result. Light pilled is for hopeful and inspiring truths. red pilled is for truths that are supressed or hidden by truths hidden.

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[–] H3yGeorge ago 

I prefer the term "inconvenient truth".

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Jews have blown up masculinity at the childhood level so that we end up with gamer soy tit basement dwellers. Active lads before the digital crack era, weren't so blobby and doughy, completely unattractive to anything with a vagina. You had to go out and do shit, not just live vicariously through digital replica.

Education has been blown up by jews. Music, TV, about any media is jewed.

You are all on digital crack as well, so am I. I've got better things to do, yet here I am. Pure escapism.

We lead us all out, not just the young or old, let's all get our heads out of our asses and back into the game. We're mezmorized, snap out of it.

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Kikes like this piece of shit

[–] Retron 1 point 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

It's certainly understandable to be so demoralised by what's going on that you just say "fuck it" and leave with whatever ball you've got. It's not productive, but it's understandable.

I think given time to decompress, most of them will desire productivity and return to some form of function. It's human nature to want to do, but it's also human nature to not want to play a rigged game, and that's what the enemy is counting on.

[–] iamabrokenbanjo 1 point 11 points (+12|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Men were born to overcome hardship. It's the meaning of life for us. Everything going on now is hardship that can be overcome. If you turn your back on that reality, that meaning, you forfeit your right to continue your genetic line. Fucking kill yourself (not you specifically buddy :) )if you can't find it in you to build a life for yourself in the the face of hardship. Your ancestors fought off warring tribes that wanted to rape their women and ferocious animals that wanted to eat them and their children. They had to face the reality of seeing their children starve if they couldn't be good enough to find food, or watch them helplessly die of sickness they didn't even know was there. They built that life for themselves in spite of all of those things where the stakes were way higher than anything you'll face today. You are here despite all of the many thousands of generations who couldn't take it. Start acting like it.

[–] WickedVocalist ago 

The only difference in a man and a nigger is that the nigger will enslave the women and kids along to the road he chooses for revenge

[–] TradMan 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Men were born to overcome hardship.

Absolutely. Thank you.

[–] AngryInVirginia ago 

This is a great answer.

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Well for one a lot of these incels are non-white, indians, mesitzos, asians, mixed mutts and arabs make up most of the incel community in that order from observing their hangouts and self polls. They often are jaded and want sex with White women but, also hate on White males at the same time and , acknowledge Whites are the most attractive race.

Here is the thing about incels they historically are a sign of war, this is actually how islam wages war. Islamic society naturally creates incels from polygamy where only the rich men can afford multiple wives and creates inbreds. This leaves many young men without a chance and where islam recruits most of its fighters there is reason 72 virgins is repeated a lot because muslim males are often incels unless married. The incel problem is a non-white problem exported to White countries and

as a result they rape local women , join communist or commit a terror attack . White incels are little more unique in that they seem to have actual potential but, grew up in a abusive home and were introverts already,

a lot of the White incels can be salvaged with a Big Brother program. The White incels who can't snap out of it because they have a mental illness become feminists, anime girls, lifelong gamers or a public shooter.

The blackpill is confused with the self defeating and self loathing when its suppose to be the most raw truth, like how everyone dies and a portion of people do no have easy deaths. The redpill has been rather hijacked by boomer tier centrist right wing politics.

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

Honestly it's never been easier to be in the top 10% of men. Get in shape, make sure you look nice, and boom you're ahead of the pack.

[–] RandomFurryDude 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Citing bullshit there, genetic factors like height, bone structure, requiring glasses, etc, all shit you cannot get rid of.

Find me an incel who's 6'5 and built like a brick shithouse lol.

[–] FreeSpeechForever 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

I lurked the blackpill community for over a year.

I believe that the black pill is the most accurate of the pills. Women are extremely picky daters and it's been proven that they will fall for a child rapist so long as he's attractive. Only 40% of men throughout history have had kids. Tinder data also perfectly aligns with black pill theory.

Where they get it wrong is they only seem to focus on "hot" non christian western women between the ages of 19-25 and create their whole theory around these women. This particular demographic does come across as repugnant but does not represent every women throughout history. It's more a commentary about how society has strayed too far from christian values.

A lot of the black pill theory is correct, checkout r/blackpillscience for some really interesting posts. However the problem is the lens at which they perceive this information is full of bitter hate and resentment.

[–] prairie 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

If you want to grow, black pills are refreshing because they show that you've got to change because reality is grim. Whatever you thought was in that particular aspect of reality is not there so no use continuing to seek it. A chance to move on.

[–] WickedVocalist ago 

Women will always black pill other women just for looking at their man wrong or first

[–] WhiteChickens ago 

Only 40% of men throughout history have had kids

Those were the good old days.

[–] TradMan ago 

Then you're still bound to lose.

[–] lanre 1 point 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Incels are the 90% of men that lose out to the top 10% when all societal controls on women are removed. I think it's a silly thing to call someone, because you're admitting the social contract has failed. Sure, beta males naturally don't get to mate hardly ever, if at all, but that's why we made society so that mates would be evenly distributed, so we could have 100% buy-in instead of 10%.

[–] H3yGeorge 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

It's ironic that the most obvious reason for masculinity is procreation, while at the same time the inverse is true. To some degree, being beta is an individual choice, so I'm not sure I agree with your percentages.

[–] lanre 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

So I pulled my number out of my ass (personal experience), data from online dating sites, and what we know of great ape biology.

I'm having trouble finding the original OKCupid page about it, but women consider most men (around 80%) below average in attractiveness and only go after the top 20% or so. (For what it's worth, Christian Rudder, one of the founders of OKCupid doesn't seem to be a Jew and it's a "Christian" dating site. So hopefully these stats aren't intentionally distorted to blackpill white men. However, it seems that ownership has changed somewhat recently and the site is totally pozzed now).



Looking into biology, you see some other indicators that humans are naturally polygamist, with arguments that they're monogamous as well.

Here's a summary, but basically sexual dimorphism correlates to how polygamous great apes are. Gorillas have a huge difference in size/strength between males & females, and the alpha male gets (basically) all the sex. Humans don't have quite the same difference, but there is still a marked difference in size/strength between males and females. It's my theory that this would indicate that we're not quite as polygamous and gorillas, but we're not monogamous either.


If we look at modern societies that practice polygamy, there's not too many in the West outside of Mormons, but Muslims, about 25% of the world population or about 2.25 billion, practice polygamy. This is despite monogamy being more efficient for a society. Imo, this strongly indicates that the natural state of man is polygamy, and only through societal pressure have we reduced it.


Finally, personal experience. If you've known any rich/attractive men, or any male models, you'll have seen firsthand the difference in treatment. I'm not rich, attractive, or a male model, but having been around some, it's amazing how beautiful women will throw themselves at these people, even stoop to sharing them, whereas they wouldn't give an average guy the time of day. I think we all see this to a lesser extent in the "girls love bad guys" trope, where a girl puts up with some guy's bullshit because he's attractive.

[Edit:] Finally, to your point that it's a choice. In terms of exercising and working out, definitely that's a choice. Some men choose to work indoors and not exercise, and that would lower their attractiveness. I'm not sure what you can do to make yourself look like Leonardo DiCaprio though.

[–] WickedVocalist ago  (edited ago)

That’s nice

That only works if you work exclusively with whores who demand pay for sex at a later date or more commonly through her being your actual raitero

How long has it been since you got rejected in person in a place of work, a public bar or place where people met other people before the advent of internet

[–] lanre 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I don't do anything with women at work. That's asking to go to jail/get fired.

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