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Well,the long and short of it is the jews funded the Soviet revolution with Wall Street jew money. They bought people to do the dirty work much like they're doing now with Antifa,BLM,etc. They took over and used goyim puppet leaders as figure heads to hide their power. They installed Stalin as such a puppet ruler. Stalin had been part of the revolution and been around jews his whole life so he knew what they were about.

So he got in office,bides his time,and when the jews get fat and lazy,he starts removing them. Any jew who didn't do exactly as he wanted wasn't just executed,they were removed from history. This is also why Stalin was very paranoid. He knew the jews and their methods and worried about the backlash.

Eventually,he ran the jews out of power in the 1950s,which,you'll note,is when the "red scare" became a big thing. All throughout WW2,the US was told Russia was our pals. But suddenly,in the 50s,they were the most evil thing since Hitler. Guess why.

So the cold war began because jews had passed the nuclear bomb plans to Stalin and they couldn't have an all out war like they did with Germany. So they've been trying to "starve them out" by not allowing them to trade with anyone and slander Russia as much as possible.

Eventually,the communist system's wheels fell off because it wasn't about creating a stable government,it was about robbing and enslaving the people. So they went capitalist but are leery about letting the jew back in. So Russia is anti-jew and so they're slandered as "the bad guys" all the time still.

That clear it up for you?

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you're leaving some of the finer points out. the jews slaughtered what 20 million, 66 million? (does anyone even really know?) people in russia. the bolshevik scare was key for hitler to mobilize the german people against jews and for all out war. they were terrified of them, and they had seen who they really are during the crash of their economy after the treaty of Versailles. germans starving everywhere and the jews rich, fat, pompous, and brazen about it with no compassion for anyone that wasnt a jew. ever wonder why you only here about the 6 million jews killed by the germans? thats because theyve owned everything since and live to cast themselves as the best people to ever live anywhere at anytime, and that everyone should always feel sorry for them, while they continue to destroy the entire world.

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Yeah,Bolsheviks were behind most of the genocides in Russia and it's states. The great purge,the holodomor,you name it,there was a jew behind it. That largely stopped under Stalin's actual rule. In the end,jews are terrible people and they want you dead.

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Hitlers rise was in retaliation to the Bolsheviks that started the 1918 German civil war in east Germany. Remember that the Commies wanted the East and murdered many families there and installed underclass jews into their ghettos.

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Great write up, this makes a lot of sense. It seems that Stalin was complicit with the Jews for most of his career, but that appears to have no longer been the case near the end. He was accused of antisemitism for targeting Jewish doctors (the "Doctors' Plot) who were allegedly trying to assassinate Soviet leaders. I think it's very likely that they were in fact trying to assassinate Stalin and other like-minded officials for no longer playing by their rules. In fact, it seems that Stalin was eventually assassinated by poison.

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Yup. No jews is good news.

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That’s good

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Stalin wasn't meant to be the leader, but he won the fight for it. Patton said Russia was our real enemy.

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Well,the jews in Russia certainly were.

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"Soros helped disband the USSR"...complete bullshit. Soros is a bag man. He isn't nearly wealthy enough to shift world power. The TRILLIONAIRES behind Soros are the ones you're looking for. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Chase, etc, etc.

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yes then answer why would the bankers break up ussr if its their own creation?

and i saw the soros ussr thing on an interview of his , so its out there

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The bankers disbanded the USSR because it served its purpose and gave birth to the UN. Completely run on the 1933 USSR constitution instead of the UN Charter. Every US polotitian that spearheaded the push for the UN was found to be a Soviet spy, and it was the soviets that insisted the UN be based in New York instead of anywhere else. They didn’t need the USSR anymore. And all this “purged the Jews” business is just as overrated now with Putin as it was with Stalin. Putin literally let the single biggest jewish Oligarch Abromavich purge the other Jews out of their positions and allowed him to keep all the wealth he stole from them, that they had stole from the Russian people when the new Russian gov issued bonds to every citizen and the oligarchs bought them up for pennies on the dollar. And abromavich was allowed to keep them all.

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The nasty Cheka with there leather bomber jackets

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Full of cocaine, opium and meth too.

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The Communist Revolution in Russia was a Jewish project from beginning to end. The heir apparent to the Jew Lenin was the Jew Trotsky. Stalin, who was not Jewish, usurped supreme power for himself and had an ice axe put into Trotsky's brain. Stalin used the Jews and cooperated with them but he never trusted them and they never trusted him. They viewed him as an upstart nationalist and a Bonapartist. The eye opening book Red Symphony describes an interrogation of one Trotsky's allies in which he explains how World Jewry controls both Communism AND Capitalism and explains how Stalin up set their plans for world domination.


This is the real reason for the Cold War. The Jews had to dispose of Hitler so their golems in the West allied with the Soviets for that end but when the war was over they turned on Stalin. Stalin in turn began a campaign against "rootless cosmopolitans", purges of Jews from the security services, and culminated in the "Doctors Plot". The antisemitism was toned down after Stalin's death but the Jews never had the control they once had did under Lenin.
That is until the Soviet Union fell in 1991. Yeltsin was an incompetent drunkard and Wall St., the World Bank, and the IMF were able to install (((Russian Oligarchs))) over the Russian economy and they began to strip mine the country. Putin and the Russian intelligence services took over the country and put an end to that. World Jewry is on the ropes in Russia and Christianity is on the rise. That is the reason for the New Cold War we see against Russia in the (((Corporate Media))) and the (((Globalist Elites))).

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why did tsar alexander lose ? and why did no one help him?

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assassinated along with his family by Bolsheviks posing as photographers.

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IIRC, after the Czar was overthrown, a revolutionary government was stood up that was not explicitly communist. Bolshevik translates out to something akin to minority, which the communists in the revolutionary government were. They were more violent and aggressive, however, and eventually had another mini-revolution to overthrow the interem government. They were never the political majority, thus the Bolshevik moniker.

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Great post but desperately needs more commas.

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a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the October Revolution of 1917.

Has nothing to do with the meaning 'minority party', that is erroneous. Bolshevik referred to a specific party, not to a "class" of political opposition


The other faction was known as the Mensheviks, meaning "minority".

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" BOLSHOI " means "LARGE or GREAT " in Russian, the BOLSHEVIKI were thugs released from prison by Trotsky and Lenin, they were also the lowest of life forms who were paid to revolt against the Tsar. The money, approximately 1 billion dollars today came from Jacob Schiff , Kuhn Loeb Warburg...Stalin comes in later after the death of Lenin...Stalin's real name was Dzugashvili "son of the jew".

He referred to his jewish enemies as "ABROMOVICHS ". The fall of Tsarist Russia came in 3 stages beginning Feb 1917 and ending Nov 7 1917...by the Russian calendar it was Oct. hence the October Revolution. Too much detail to go into here but it was evil all the way and the jew was behind it all. The "MENSHIVIK" were considered the minority.

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I think kronstadt island comes into play here. It being a base for the bolsheviks before the rise of the ussr

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The Mensheviks were the moderate SocDem faction, which was somewhat more left than Lloyd George's people's budget (which was explicitly the policy position of some of the pre-revolutionary reformists) but who wanted to just moderate the worst harms of capitalism until Russia was developed enough to make a Marxist revolution necessary and effective.

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They're all in America, running Wall street firms and government for the benefit of their nest in the middle east.

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Simple, they moved to the usa...

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Communists jews went to Fl. Weimar jews went to Ca.

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