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do we just see this because of what is reported through media?

This gets my vote. I don't have actual statistics to back it up, but some very quick mental math about how many police officers are there vs the amount of stuff that gets on the news, I would say that the majority of police officers behave better than that.


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Because they are in a line of work where chance of injury and death is very real. These are real people, with real lives outside of their work. If they even suspect that their lives might be in danger, why wouldn't they take all the precautions they have to defend themselves incase things go south?


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I am by far no expert in this subject, but depending on the officer it may be a personal preference from being in different cities with worse crime.


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My theory, because an officer never knows what situation he's getting into when he pulls someone over.

Sure mace/nightstick/taser would be a good first choice for a low level threat but unfortunately he (or she) doesn't know what threat if any their going to face. If they have their hands on a mace/nightstick/taser they may not have time to react to a more serious threat. So the default is to assume that they might encounter the most serious threat and be ready for it, and then switch to lower level tactics once it's determine there isn't a need for deadly force.

Also I noticed when police pull you over they tend to stand behind you right at the door seam, which makes it more difficult for someone to shoot them, because they have to turn there whole body.

I thought this was an interesting video



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Higher reasoning skills aren't something your average bacon bits are paid to require.

Shooting first and covering your ass later is something of a standard modus operandi, at least when it comes to 5-0 in the South.


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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.