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Having a dad is white privilege

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Having a dad is white and Asian privilege. Make sure you add "and Asian" privilege. A minority group who does very well in terms of income, education and two parents under one roof.

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^^ This. Everyone forgets.

"When a slave sees a free man, he can think one of two thoughts. He can think, 'There is a free man, why is he not a slave like me?' or he can think, 'There is a free man, why am I not free like him?'"

-- Frederick Douglas, former slave (real slave)

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A minority group who does very well in terms of income

Asians are the majority, something like 60% of the world population.

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I think Aisians and blacks out number European men considerably globely.

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They have the highest marriage, lowest divorce rates. They're often not even cristcucks. Which is why the cuck faggots resorting to "bible authority" are fucking retards.

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You mean Asian privilege.

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I too would like to see this statistic. My dad didn't even have a very good relationship with his father yet he's making big bucks. Meanwhile my fatherless friend never went to college and is content working at the local bookstore for life.

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I remember reading a study about why fathers are important. The summary was that fathers are more likely to provoke children. Have play fights. This leads to those children learning to control themselves when they get angry. The children who don't have a father figure are much more likely to stay angry.

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That kind of echoes a lot of what Jesse Lee Peterson says.

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What single mothers do best is complaining that their five year old boy is unreasonable and does not listen, as if he were a five year old hubby or something. "I told him!" or "He promised!" I once rolled my eyes up on my aunt who told me that she was summoned by the class teacher. The class teacher had told her that her 7-year old son was highly intelligent but tacky without manners and full of unorganized random trivia. "What will you do?" I asked her. "I already have", she said triumphantly. "I told him what the class teacher said. Now the ball is in his court." That is the most ridiculous anecdote, but there are many more that would be more complicated to explain. Most fathers would absolutely know what to do.

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Depends on the father. Is the father a perverted homo? Is he a dedicated Christian survivalist? Which one do you think would make a better father?

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missed out on getting to hang out with my dad as an adult, didnt get to bond with him as a kid.

can confirm, life not goor for 20 something years.

till it turned out he was right next to me the whole time trying to get my attention.

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I believe this but I'd like to see their source.

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My oldest brother was from my dads first wife. My Dad did his best to be a part of his oldest sons life. Our Dad is, has always been and always will be a part of my life. I am far more successful than my older brothers and i am the youngest son.
I dont know if true but i am sure it has a lot to do with our Dad, or it's just the little brother in me that has to do better than my older brothers. Either way, i cannot rule out the father figure.

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But but but that's racist!

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