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WTF this is not something I wished I knew about!

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Learn about the kinsey report. Those retards even made a movie about it....

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:O :O :O :O :O

I think it was the fourth one (if he is a kike).

This is brutal. Thanks for the links!

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I think all of them are jews. Israel is known for its fertility technology- they are obsessed with increasing their birth rates and subsidize fertility treatments so I'm not surprised to see so many jewish fertility doctors. These stories are fucking disgusting and they should get the death penalty for that degree of deception.

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Law and Order: SVU has an episode about this case it's based on is the jew in new york, think they blamed a red head doctor though.

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Yuck yuck yuck 🤢

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You mean based? These white men only did this when a white women wanted a shitskins sperm. True heros!

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Teach you kids to avoid the yids.

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But they are harder to recognize than the groid.

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These kids won't get so far anyways. Desperate or delusional women who want to gamble their eggs with some sperms that weren't transferred via mutual agreement won't be good mothers to these kids. Not to mentione, they'll most likely be single mothers that didn't even have any partners to begin with (a huge red flag). You could probably call this a Ghengis Khan complex, but that would be disrespecting Ghengis Khan who actually did conquering and pillaging instead of sneaking in their sperms like these creepers

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Some of these cases are for couples trying to conceive.

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I don't have any sympathy for cucks. Some men kill if they find out the kid's not biologically theirs. I'm one of those.

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"Sperms"? Seriously?

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Welcome to Voat.

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Yes. That thing that gets in the ovary of a woman.

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That has happened a few times now plus one sperm bank was giving women literally retard sperm

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This sounds like the punchline of an old Playboy joke circa 1974.

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They hide it. Where's the one of the heeb mortician fucking dead women?

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FFS why you guys have to remind me of all that in one single thread.

Yeah I remember that one and the organ stealing story which they called "doing a nobel deed" they even had a heb experssion for it which I cant remember right now.

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heeb mortician fucking dead women?

Gross!!! But I have actually read that story gynecologist story somewhere. But I can not find the soruce anymore.

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If I remember correctly, a few years back some ejws were pushing trying to get necrophilia legalized.

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