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I like photos of Iran in the 60's when they were just like Western cultures.

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Indeed! That was before Iran got Islamjacked.

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My mum has had an Iranian friend forever. He's a pianist and not religious.

I've met Iranians myself from time to time and they're okay. They're a far cry from Pakis, for example.

Iranians are Shia. Most Islamic atrocities are committed by Sunnis, the majority sect of Islam. Ahmadis are okay as well.

In fact, if the West left Muslim countries alone we'd all be happier - and safer. Since we've been interfering with them, they've become more barbaric and insane (my comments don't apply to Pakistan, that country is beyond help. They've always been insane, especially since they now have their own country.)

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they were barbaric and insane before the west got involved in the middle east

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You're right, I'll concede - but at least they confined their savagery to their own countries. Now they have brought it to ours.

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Iranians are almost white. It's too bad they embraced Islam (as in, "You will become Muslims or we will cut off your heads."). They would be a great Christian nation.

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It's too bad they embraced Islam (as in, "You will become Muslims or we will cut off your heads.").

I guess many of them just pretend it for social and legal reasons.

It is possible that islam critics some have friends who are secretly critical of islam too, yet they can not disclose it and do not know that of each other because it is damn risky due to their islamic legal system and governmentally created social pressure.

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The Persians were converted by military force not long after the warlord Mohammed had his little delusions that he was talking to God (Muslims conquered Persia in 651). They have been under the thumb of Islam for almost 14 centuries, so it would be hard for most of them to even realize that there is another way to serve God, a way of peace and love. Which is a pity, because the Persian people belong with the enlightened West, not with the benighted Arab world.

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Sounds an awful lot like criticizing communist/jewish ideals here in America. Though the downsides aren't as open and legal as your shit. They usually go for social ostracization and job loss here, though occasionally you get hit with legal stuff.

[–] TheSeer ago 

Look at what the West has allowed Christianity to become. How then can you blame people for following Islam? Which at least is still very strict in some important areas.

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

No, they WERE "sort of" Indo-European hundreds or thousands of years ago. Now they're mostly Arab mystery meat.

Mudkikes are just brown kikes.

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I don't have strong feelings either way.

I've had some interaction with Persians. Unlike, say, Turks they don't come off as insular and rude.

As a diaspora they're not known particularly for misbehaving. Though if memory serves they've been involved in at least one notable gang rape in Europe.

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Iran's are beautiful people. blame those fucking muslims

[–] Goat7 [S] ago 

blame those fucking muslims

The government. And many Iranians possibly pretend to be muslims to avoid social suicide and legal danger.

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yes, its the worse way to live

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seriously US could go in and liberate them in like one night

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If you are going to know Moslems who drink alcohol and eat pork, there is a good chance they're Iranian.

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The Persian empire was great. These mooslims are not

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Many of them are our white brothers. They are whiter than Iraqis, Pakis, Indians, Afghans, etc.

I always say this. The word Iran is derived from the word Aryan.

Beautiful women too. The talking head, Rudi Bakhtiar, almost got me to believe the government's official story on 9/11.


Almost, Rudi!

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