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Don't think having a conversation about bomb making materials on here is prudent, even as benign as a smoke bomb.

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Stink. I just need to make the ground stink were they are hanging out and wont leave daily. Cops do nothing.

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Buy some durion fruit, it's horrible smelling (but perfectly safe, can even be eaten but I wouldn't)

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look on ebay for this:

"N-Butyric Acid. Butyric Acid. Carp Additives. Carp Bait. Bait Flavourings. "

it is foul, literally one of the smelliest subsistences that chemists can make...

probably about $5 for 50ml, but do not get it on your hands, a little goes a very long way. When spreading it, cover the wood chips with something so it doesn't bake in the sun or wash away.

Nobody will get within 50m of this stuff

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I should just go find a dead carp on the shore of lake Michigan and run it through a food processor and pour it on the ground. Free.

[–] dampkitty ago 

It's not the same thing, that will dry up in a day and bacteria will remove the rest

butyric acid is essentially the smell of vomit, you can put up with a dead fish smell but few people can stomach the smell of vomit.

depends if you are serious or not, if you just want free, go with free

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Treat them like crab. Buy some chicken, leave it in the sun a couple days and put it where you need it. The juice left behind can be poured where the lay their pretty heads.

Or eat asparagus and piss on em

[–] Meme_Factory_1776 [S] ago 

Dead fish in a blender??

[–] binrobinro ago 

Live fish in a blender?

[–] MindyBluestar17 ago 


[–] ooberlu ago 

Fish sauce. Buy the cheapest bottle from Amazon or an asian store if you have one close by. It's essentially fermented anchovies. First time I ever caught a whiff of the stuff I nearly keeled over from it.

[–] Meme_Factory_1776 [S] ago  (edited ago)

Yupp fish juice. I made some on accident in washer tank on my Chevy. Tried using it as a live well for bluegills. Forgot about them for a week or more. Cool story, we bent the metal squirters to shoot over the top to the passenger side. Shoot em with fish juice over the top and when they try to pass on the side shoot em again, with fish juice.

[–] ooberlu ago 

SMH lol

Bluegills are tasty. First fish I ever caught and gutted when I was a kid. My favorite part will always be the fins, fried up super crispy.

[–] binrobinro ago 

If you want that rotten egg smell, use rotten eggs.

[–] Talc ago 

go spread sugar, ants will come in and move the bums out.

[–] MrPim ago 

I cant remember where I saw it but recently I saw someone say this stuff is stinky as fuck. https://tinks.com/tinks-black-label

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