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It's the sabbath you mouthy goy!

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it's illegal for them to work on the sabbath, they can't even flush a toilet

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Saturday is jewish shabbat, dude. They tend to outsource things on shabbat. Note that it’s 3:20 AM tomorrow in Tel Aviv, though. Round about midnight EDT you’ll see the first shift kick in.

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I believed to a degree, that when goats talked about infiltration here. But I guess this is the first time I have really noticed the lack of activity on a Saturday. Holy shit.

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Yep. Though I did have to downvoat a couple paedo posts today.

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Jews are off worshipping their god, Satan.

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They refrain from work from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

[–] Scruffy_Nerfherder ago 

Kek, I was wondering where the shills were.

[–] ItsYaNiggaPayon ago 

Isn't it likelier that people are just busy irl

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I see your tinfoil buttplug works 24/7

[–] Vrblpollushin [S] ago 

Only when it vibrates