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What you pick up on is the distinct smell of mass immigration.

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It’s pakis cooking curry, stains into the wall.

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Never stay at any hotel that smells of patchouli... Ever.

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Fuck I DESPISE the smell of patchouli.

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That tells you somewhere near you is a hairy arm pitted woman in Birkenstocks.

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Why patchouli? I've smelled the curry before and its an instant indian owner identifier. Never patchouli though.

Once I was meeting a girl to hookup with at a hotel and I watched a guy walk into the room with two cans of Lysol and empty both of them. We ended up at a different hotel that night.

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Pajeet leftovers. Enjoy!

[–] NakedWarrior ago 

There were a TON of Iranians in the US in the 70s, but most left when the Shah was kicked out and Ayatollah Khomeini took over and turned Iran from a very westernized country back into the shit hole it is today. (thanks Jimmy Carter). They left their stink behind.