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The Amish have arranged a nice life, their buggies top out at 20mph, they don't drink or smoke much and they have arranged their communities to exclude the nigger and the degenerate Left.

Maybe they are way smarter than us...

I mean, look at their women, that's the ideal right there.

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Why do the worst spellers have the greatest desire to post?

[–] DirtyQews ago 

20mph is literally the fastest you can get while still being able to bail.

the ground has a totally different flavor at 30mph.

trust me, unfortunately I know.

[–] newoldwave ago 

speel much?

[–] Doglegwarrior [S] ago 

kike much you troll fucking grammerkike go back to reddit uou gamma faggot we see you and your hook nose and small hafe you grubbler fuck.

[–] newoldwave ago 

Still having the same problem, I see.

[–] Bahramu ago 

Right? There's no warning labels on unhealthy food, Roundup is unregulated and sprayed on every crop in America, the pharmaceutical industry uses the public as guinea pigs, the wireless industry is given cart blanche to do whatever the fuck it wants, opioid epidemic was allowed to rage unchecked while ((sackler)) family got rich, fluoride plastics and hormones in water, etc, etc.

But gov't cares about your health when it comes to this virus, because reasons.

[–] Doglegwarrior [S] ago 

to destroy the economy over this is insane. I truly think this will lead to ww3 most likely with china and we will jever get an explanation

[–] ThePoliceTookMyGuns ago 

do not give them any ideas. They're already trying to lower the speed limit here.

[–] BigWind ago 

When you tilt your entire perspective far left, the headline says "Thank you mother, may I have another?".

[–] gimpyoldman ago 

Also there have been no school shootings since the lock down. They should ban schools to prevent school shootings.

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my friend who is a liberal but smart guy yelled at me whatbim supposed to send my kid to school where he will get shot!. i had to inform him less then 30 kids out of about 48millon kids died in school while 75 died from falling out of bed. i told him he should worry about putting a seatbelt on his kids bed

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