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They will start with denying certain services in rural areas. It will start with spotty internet and cell service. Eventually they will claim internet and cell service is no longer available and start with brown outs and poor water quality. During this time they will say the only available cell/internet services are in the closest bigger town. This will create a "I have no choice" scenario. Many will leave the small towns as the brownouts and poor water quality begins. People will be unable to sell their property so it will go into foreclosure or eminent domain. Eventually the grid will go down followed by water pressure. Most will leave, few will stay and refuse to leave. Those that refuse will be killed off by feds. The pattern will follow in the bigger towns until the major cities are over populated. Overpopulation will create tensions greater than what we've already seen. During this time, the small towns will be closed off and forbidden to enter. Mass murders, thefts, rape ect will continue until the masses beg for a solution. The solution will be done and agenda 21 as well as many other agendas will be implemented to resolve the crisis created by the powers that be. This will be a 10 year process. By 2030, we will all be either dead or enslaved forever.

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I grew up in a rural area and everyone had their own wells and pumps. Pump do run on electricity but if they shut that off you could always install a hand pump (pain in the ass for sure tho). We also went to the local springs and filled jugs with water. People who grew up in rural areas will stay no matter what, they will just adapt. Transplants that are used to the comforts of city life will move back.

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That's what concerns me. Self sufficient people who could lead many to independent lifestyles will be the ones killed off. Most likely pumps will get "outlawed" and unavailable.

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Nuke califailia

Kill yourself asap if you willingly live in that 3rd world commie hell hole

You are an enemy of america

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California is not part of the USA.

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Plan B is for Bill Gates to get his vaccine into play to reduce the world population to what he thinks is ideal. 500 million.

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Blacks and beaners have already taken over cities. That's how they got black mayors and police chiefs.

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It's still a go, they're just waiting for the technology, infrastructure and social conditioning to coalesce. Digital IDs, real-time contact tracing, immunity passports, chips/implants/tattoos, facial/body recognition cameras, social credit scores, internet of things and people, smart phones, meters, appliances, etc, cashless economic system. All tied into the emerging 5G global network.

After everything falls into place they'll use targeted rolling blackouts to force everyone into "smart" cities if they want to eat, work and have power. Non-complying dissidents will either be left to fend for themselves or be actively targeted.

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No one can afford that shit man haha

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Rural is usually cheaper than cities or suburbs. Last year I bought 75 acres (95% wooded) with a old house and a barn for 160k$CAD. Picked up 10 pounds of raspberry there last week. Imagine having your own shooting range in your backyard... its fucking great!

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Life is WAY cheaper in less populated areas without a doubt.

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Yeah but unless you're sitting on a lifetimes supply of money so what? Rural means far away from work and income