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As a pilot I think that this has to do more with the shit safety culture that exists amongst Alaskan pilots more than an assassination but I could be wrong.

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If you want to kill someone while flying you mess with their equipment. You don't find someone willing to crash into their plane mid air. Lol.

This was some sort of piolet error.

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i have no clue just my paranoid side thinking. I wont be surprized either way if its nothing or if some anon digs and finds out this guy had info on pedos or someother nasty shit

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I think we'd all be surprised by just how many assassinations happen in the USA.

It's like everyone's doing it.

This is what happens when you invite people from all over the world into your country, they start using whatever tactics they want because they have some other country to flee to and they know the USA won't invade over an assassination. Once they get one of their agents in office, they deploy whatever resources necessary to keep them in position.

If you aren't willing to punish a country for the actions of individuals serving that country, there is no real deterrent.

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so you are saying we need to take 80% of our nuclear arsenal and use it all on isreal? i mean wipe it off the face of the earth? sorry palastenians we know u just got fucked over by the jews but you should never have let them live 2k years ago

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If Jews weren't so hostile and subversive in White countries, would you care what happened to the Palestinians?

I can generally care about groups of people I don't know very well, but I have to prioritize my own group of people over others and Palestinians dying as collateral damage to get rid of Israelis seems reasonable and I suspect a vast majority of them would be willing to make that sacrifice.

Of course, that's not the situation we have here. There's probably no need to use indiscriminant weaponry to get rid of Israel, least of all nukes that have unnecessary drawbacks in fabrication, deployment, residual effects, and risk of retaliation from other parties for using them.

Israel is falling apart in pretty much every way and every nation is angry at them. I'm very close to the point where I stop focusing on their activities entirely since I don't see them pulling out of the tail spin they're in. They fucked up by trying to genocide Whites, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. the way they did, they could have gotten away with it if it were any other groups; it was a huge miscalculation and they've been irreversibly rotted out from within while the USA gradually ramping up their rhetoric against them is mostly symbolic of their recognition the country has no future and is worthless as either a proxy or an ally.

It's about time, at least for me, to move onto the next biggest threat to the USA's survival, deranged cults and the torn fabric of US identity/philosophy. With AIPAC being called out in the near future, forced to register as a foreign agent and close shop, and their pedophile networks being arrested or just executed, there's a power vacuum that has to be addressed. Someone has to start disrupting these groups or seriously modifying them to be compatible with a functional USA, or they'll end up taking power with blackmail and attacks just like the Israelis did.

Everything will start moving much faster than it has in the previous decade, so it will be a very busy period of time.

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Maybe. I'd like to see the location.

When you are up in the air you need to keep your head on a swivel always looking.

The chances seem pretty low that two planes would collide unless they were operating near an airport.

I don't know how ATC manages the airspace in the more remote parts of Alaska - if they even do.

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had the goods on Hillary, eh?

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how do i get two downvotes for a simple post? i swear someone sees my name and just downvotes. I said not controversial at all