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I humbly add in my new logo design into the new logo race for voat , POST YOURS too ! :


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Nah. For them it is the funny part.

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Example suggestions?

And do you mean the goat or the wordmark?

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The word. If you combine the V and the A it makes the star. Obvious jew tricks.

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Yes, but if you replace the V with a J, the O with an E, the A with a W, and the T with an S, it literally spells "JEWS". It is right there, for all to see.

Mind blown? Me, too.

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Why did you put that image in my head!

Now the Voat logo looks like typical Jews mocking the Goys and hiding in plain sight!

The Voat logo "Star of David" is hard to unsee.

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Appears like a simple co-incidence to me. The V and A are from the voating buttons.

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Could you change your buttplug to something less tinfoil?

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Everyone knows this was designed as a Mossad honeypot, just like Gab and all the others.

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I'd be happy if the site stayed up. Logo is fine, pigs

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TIL Goats are jewy.

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All you fucking niggers trying to cancel everything a white man created

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Nice deflection kike

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Oy vey the goyim know!