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Before colonization they didn’t have the written word, paper, leather, or ink, so books are going to be a bit hard to come by. They also slaughtered each other without mercy or consideration for history, so there would only be the last generation’s testimony to go on.

There were no wheels, no agriculture, no metalworking, no written word, no sails, no bricks, literally nothing above mud huts. They were literally fucking animals in the fucking jungle.

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Sub Saharan africa people had very basic existence. They pretty much either drove cattle around or were bushman type tribes or canabals.The Nguni came I think from the Great Lakes around Malawi and pretty much moved south down through Zambia Mozambique Zimbabwe zululand Matabeleland and established small very tribal kingdoms as they’ went: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nguni_people

Remember People from the northern part of South Africa into Zimbabwe only saw white people fir the first time 130 years ago or so.

Anyhow good luck on your search

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Before 'colonialism' = a few million niggers and dirt.

After 'colonialism' = hundreds of millions of niggers and dirt, with infrastructure that modern humans built.

End of story.

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They cant maintain the infrastructure