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People can't even go to bars or be social anything. In less than 6 months everyone is very cold now. There isn't any chitchat at the grocery store anymore or walking down the side walk. They definitely don't want us talking.

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Oh man

I work at a small mom and pop type store

If it's just me and one customer, the customers talk, and they do not like what's happening

Funny how so many of them agree. I wonder if they know that

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I tell my customers that you're saying the same thing everyone else is. There's more of us then them.

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I doubt they do. Everything possible has been done to stifle community and communication. Maybe that is the key; to get that going again.

[–] CapinBoredface ago 

This is not true in my area.

I feel like people are actually overcompensating with kindness now that we can’t just smile at eachother.

[–] hang_em_high ago 

Small town?

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Covid was released to encourage automation.

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It sure helped government rip off the band-aid and join the video-conference revolution, even if most of those retards can't be bothered to silence a phone or mute notifications when they fucking talk. That's a frustrating thought, because I think Doore is right about government. It's just gotten so numb and driven to simply grow itself, that it's begun using all the military strategies and tactics we've used against the rest of the world - just turning them inwards against it's own citizens. This is, most definitely, a succinct way of putting the problem. Now imagine them giving even less of a fuck.

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Yes and good luck to all those work from home fags...now they are competing with 7 billion.

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It's USNATSEC with CIA involvment.

This was a US operation that has done the following very effectively.

Won the trade war.

Significantly weaked China.

Swayed public opinion on China for an entire generation a least.

Bailed out our banks and corporations with no complains and no OWS type thing.

Move key manufacturing back (just as USMCA goes live mind you).

Increase surveillance over the American people.



The who benefits analysis is very obvious.

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Yes because it seems like all countries of the world are reporting cases of it. I do not believe that the CIA has become so powerful that they are in control of the entire globe. There are only two ways that this could be untrue. Either America has been completely cut off from the rest of the world and our news is 100% fake and censored. A stray cargo ship crewmember talking about how things are elsewhere in the world would have to be suppressed. Or the virus was a cause for concern for the entire world.

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Doubtful. Viruses don't glow in the dark.

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Not sure, but one definitely called the gas station attendant a nigger for not accepting one's halloween mask as a face covering. It's pretty obvious of an attack on the small business owners. Always a hegelian dialect. The cia was a knight's of malta creation, if one remembers correctly. Also, the audacity of the government even caring about the people is so laughable. The same government that was already experimenting on it's citizenry i.e. tuskegee experiment. If one's hard drive didn't crash, one would post the us navy's video on how they used wind patterns to disperse chemicals.

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Biological warfare by the Globalist Shadow Government.

Amazon is the biggest winner if profit is the prime goal.

Destruction of competition is the long term goal.

Big Pharma.

Public Sector Employees (SEIU).

Police State dependence.

Manufactured Fear to instill compliance and control.

Convenient assassination of targeted opposition.

To attack Trump supporters indirectly and directly.

Legitimize Nationalized Industry.

Empower Collective Labor.

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