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there's no law enforcement authority.

who do you think is gonna do something?

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Good point.

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What about debbie wasaman and her amwran espionage team?

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The Clinton deposition is scheduled for September I believe. So nothing new will happen on that until then at the earliest. And whatever develops from it probably won't be immediate. This is civil litigation, not a tennis match.

To be honest, I'm not sure what you are specifically referring to regarding Biden/Burisma. Are you talking about it being included with one of the ongoing US Attorney investigations, its use as a political talking point in the campaign or something else?

[–] Pointyball ago 

Something next week is my guess.

[–] Turnagain ago 

Burisma/Biden? Clinton emails? Never heard of them.

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It's all bullshit like everyone with a brain knew from the beginning

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Troll on, Shlomo.

[–] uvulectomy ago 

I think this one is in the JIDF equivalent of the "special" classes. He's got the ambition, but lacks the smarts to follow through.