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Because they don't like facts that endanger their profits, such as circumcision being genital mutilation and kikes being responsible for it.

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Back in the day, "ignore" features didn't even exist. If someone got their panties in a bunch, he'd have to manually ignore the "offender."

I miss the old internet.. when it was still almost entirely White.

Smart phones with internet were a big mistake.

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The liars hate the truth. Notice they repeat lies so much to try to make it the truth, hence it's the same stories plastered all over the mainstream media. A smart populace is a dangerous populace.

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Because OP...

good times create weak men.

Prepare accordingly. You know what comes next.

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One day they will remove this feature because censorship will know what is good for us and you won't need to block people because they will filter the users! 🙃

I seriously think that's what they're heading towards. We've seen the years go back where they remove commenting on news websites, then YouTube and social media, streaming you can't block shows, etc.

We're being conditioned and cattled. These people need to be hung.

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Because it's "cancel culture."

They want you to suffer: for your career to shun you, for your wife to abandon you, for your children to denounce you, for your gravestone to defile you, and for history to revile you.

As an example to others never to follow in your footsteps. As a test of compliance. As enforced obedience. As a form of excommunication. Because you committed a heresy and are a blasphemer. Because you contradicted the secular priests.

This way the children will know fear. And grow up to comply, to obey, to never question or think. And certainly, to never speak up. To never voice a thought aloud. It is Soviet. It is Communist. It is the Central Intelligencia. It is COVID-1984.

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If they had their way, they would go straight to damnatio memoriae for any "wrongthink."

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