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Because White genocide isn't recognised. It's a "conspiracy theory", like race replacement.

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Every white western goverment is a Zionist Occupied Goverment.

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Russia just might be the last true homeland of white people.

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Putin was hand selected and placed in his position of power by the richest man in Israel. A dual Russian-Israeli citizen by the name of Roman Abramovich. Look him up if you don't believe me. He's a close advisor and confidant of Putin.

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Also: "If current demographic trends continue, Russia will end up as the last white-majority country with nuclear weapons."

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And Poland.

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I can understand why subhumans would go to Canada, but I can't understand why anyone would choose Canada over Russia.

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Those are puppet governments of the UN.

Canada doesn't have political parties, they have UN ass kissers. That's the same in every Western nations.

They ALL got homelessness at the same time because the UN and the (((media)) oligarchs said so.

Every party in every western nation is feminist and no politician can be part of the fake parties if they aren't. Every Western country HAS to have abortion. Why? Why wouldn't one country be independent and different? Why can't one single country say NO the UN? and let the Whites in with asylum? The majority of women are not feminists so who can they vote for? Zero on that issue. Nobody

They all put trade sanctions on South Africa to make that happen. The media demonized the country in the mind of the captive western audience. Every single country represented the UN and does today.

In the 1990's the entire Western media corruption cartel pushed repressed memory syndrome, and that was just fucking nuts. In every White country So how come?

Because the UN and the oligarchs are really really fucked in the had. Just as if they were in an insane cult because they are. They believe they can control the minds of every human on earth. Those race mixing commercials for instance.

Tell your representative bitch that human beings are going to have to have a war with UN representatives - her.

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The UN pushed the psychological phenomena of Repressed Memory Syndrome? How and why??

How do they exert this and the other types of influence you touched on? By withholding funding? What would happen if Canada just got up and left the table?

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All of the media has been doing the dirty work of the UN. All along. Their campaign to kick the mentally out of the hospitals in the 1980s was the same all across the west. In Western Europe newspapers from the time; the same stories about demonic hospital staff and pentacles painted on the floors. It was the same as the McMartin pre school story.

They seem to believe they can use psychology to brainwash everyone, and that was the repressed memory thing. Why else would every news site in the west say it's true when everyone knew it wasn't. You ever hear of a holocaust story teller saying they had repressed memory syndrome?

The UN and their media crap are crazier than anyone suspects.

Look up Maurice Strong and his UN connections with the Canadian Power Corporation, where almost every politicians from every party hat has ever suffered from accusations of corruption used to work. That UN/Strong shit is a rabbit hole of intense insanity He's the one that organized the UN and the Oligarchs inot the bizarre cult

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If you use black violence or black despotism or insult blacks in any way in your application you will be denied asylum.

Every week white South Africans are deported back from Ireland and other European countries because they claim they are being persecuted by blacks. Black South Africans however are being welcomed with open arms. USA does this too.

Most asylum applications are actually processed by and decided by UN workers stationed in the member countries.

You have to prove personal persecution. It can be political in nature like you are part of the IFP *(zulu) party and the ANC is attacking you.

Or you are an animals rights or anti poaching protester or some activist that has exposed government level corruption and are now being persecuted.

Just don't dare insult their sacred black darlings...

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The other issue is that South Africa is designated as a "safe country" by the UNHCR. This is so that they can send all the africans from central and southern africa to South Africa, then from there they can claim asylum in Europe and USA. They could not do this if SA was not classified as a safe country. SA has all the transport link to EU and USA and you even have direct flights to Ireland with no visa required, if you have a false SA passport which can be purchased direct from SA Home Affairs for 4,000 dollars.

Point is population replacement is a deliberate very well organised, very well planned, very well funded, very systemic, institutional and structural program - it is funded by world bank and IMF etc. etc.

For instance the ENTIRE NGO concept and system was setup to facilitate all of the left wing campaigns and to give government distance and deniability. So a government can fund a nasty LGBT program via the NGO - giving them distance so as not to upset moderate voters

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this ngo concept: how would it play out in an african country? what types of programs are run?

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Eurowars is my friend I said I would ask to chime in earlier :-)

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" South Africa is designated as a "safe country" by the UNHCR. [...] they can claim asylum in Europe and USA. They could not do this if SA was not classified as a safe country."

Could you explain this for me please? it seems counter intuitive that you can only come from a safe country and not an unsafe one

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Australia doesn't want them either. Give us low IQ/fast breeding black muslims any day.

If we had given all the immigrant welfare from the last 20 years to the CSIRO we'd probably have fusion working.

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why is the UN doing this to us?

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The Jewnited Nations? Why do you think?

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Why do we vote for the government that's doing this to us?

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Because south africa is the small scale test environment that TPTB use as their model to test their global plans...

Lol south africa is touted as a democracy but the ruling party is openly communist in their manifesto and have held onto power without any hitches since 94... The Place is a playground for the Rothschild family and their underlings for a very long time. Rothschild owned wine farms, diamonds run by de beers, strong ties in the past to Cecil Rhodes, plenty of kikes pull strings in today's South Africa, and they have been doing it for years. You can call me crazy if want, no fucks given.

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Cecil Rhodes was a Jew?

But yeah, seems the Afrikaaners tried to make a deal with the international Jewry, they had a joint nuclear program with Israel.

But of course, they were stabbed in the back.

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no ive seen the kike influence via wikipedia

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