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I've been wondering why local restaurants keep closing due employees getting COVID but no employees at franchise restaurants get sick. Every nigger gots the COVID except the ones who at MickyD.

Did Walmart employees sign a COVID waiver? That would make it a fun class action.

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this is how deep the deep state runs. this is legion. they are in the industries.

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Having worked at restaurants im not surprised mainly for this reason.

In my general experience, restaurant staff are unhealthy and rundown from lack of sleep/drugs (which means weakened immune systems).

Add to that the registrars of names when you attend a restaurant, those are reported to the state so when someone tests positive they contact the restaurant to let them know.

More importantly think about these restaurants vs grocery stores and fast food. People sitting down for an hour vs walking around and leaving in 10-15 minutes.

If someone is sick, them staying somewhere indoors for more than an hour in a smaller / enclosed space provides higher risk of transmission to others.

Restaurant staff was always getting sick before covid, not surprised they continue that trend during it.

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I kinda agree but I think the virus is being spread between employees rather than customer to employee. Maybe the employees at local restaurants are much closer than franchise employees? "Add to that the regist..." Spot on, yes, the state is focusing on local restaurants when someone test positive for COVID. Hey you describe the life of a restaurant employee accurately. Food Truck if you still in the business.

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Anyone who writes down there actual name on a list like that is retarded. Just write like Donald Duck or something.

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Or people just see a free excuse to stay home off work for a bit.... I know I have

[–] kammmmak ago 

And throw in a big pile of fake ass shit.

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Walmart patrons and mass protests have herd immunity. But polling places apparently are highly contagious locations.

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Same diametric as anti-lockdown protests vs BLM protests.

Raleigh PD literally was posting on twitter about managing and ultimately shutting down an anti-lockdown protest because it wasn’t an essential activity. A month later BLM protests lasted for ten straight days.

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I'll do you one better...

I'm a package handler for one of the main delivery companies. Think FedEx, UPS, etc. It's an extremely physical job where you can't wear a mask and social distancing is impossible. Even more, you're breathing heavy and sweating a lot the entire time. On top of that, you're spending all your time in a semi trailer that's never washed, never even swept out, and packages from around the world, from people in the exact same environment have all handled all the packages.

Know how much this "pandemic" has effected where I work? Not one bit. Not one case of corony virus. It should be impossible given what we're told about this.

Chew on that for awhile. If the delivery services had to actually comply with these retarded mask rules, they'd have to shut down, and people might actually be inconvenienced and how quickly would all of this end?

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Thanks saved

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I work in Fedex and UPS facilities and almost all workers are substantially socially distant. There are 20 people loading a single truck. Usually only one or two at most per truck.

Most people operating the sorters are on their own. Drivers are either on their own or working with a helper.

I can't say every job is like this but the majority are either working on their own or just a few people nearby so it isn't like they are all working in a crowd.

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Quit being stupid.

In those one to two person truck teams...are there not rollers down the middle that the 2 people are constantly pulling packages from in roughly the same spot over and over again for hours? Are people not breathing heavy and sweating and touching multiple packages multiple times by multiple people? From multiple facilities? From multiple states and regions and even countries? Are trucks washed everytime? Once a week? Once month? No...

Nothing about a package facility and the nature of the jobs would be great during a real pandemic...which this isn't. They've just taken getting sick and called it a pandemic. Notice how everything that would actually inconvenience everyone to the point of waking up to this bullshit seems to be magically immune from corony virus (common cold)? Even industries such as shipping that would be ripe with the disease if any of this were true?

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Do you think the Chinese videos leaked to the web were an impressive psy op? Or do you think they accidentally released something that targets Asians?

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Psy op. Not even an impressive one. The Chinese government doesn't need their people's permission to tell them there's a super duper scary virus and start ripping them from their apartments. If they were trying to hide how bad it supposedly was we wouldn't have seen any videos...instead government officials watched as people filmed them ripping people from their loved ones.

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it has a lot to do with that trade deal with china right

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This was an all out assault on small business and churches. All my favorite bars and my church have been closed for five months, but every globohomo megacorp just had to put faggy stickers on the floor and they get to stay open.

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I work at vons. Only one person has gotten it and they’re still alive. I’m terrified 🙄😒

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I"ve still never known anyone with it, muchless die from it.

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well you have a better chance of dying from cancer so makes sense


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My cousins had it. They'll survive. Only one needed to go to the hospital. Developed pneumonia. He's out playing sports now.

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I am older than 60 so I am in the part of the curve where it starts to get dangerous. I never stopped working and tested positive at the beginning of July.

I work around hundreds of electricians and millwrights and we have had just a few test positive and no one got seriously ill.

In my case, I was achy for a few days and lethargic for a few weeks.

Unless you are morbidly obese or have a situation where your immunity is compromised, you are not going to get seriously ill or die. That being said, if you are older or obese or otherwise compromised, you should probably do everything you can to not get this.

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A guy I knew tested positive but they still let him carpool to work. One of the symptoms of the virus is a lack of smell and taste but the dude never had it since he was 16 years old due to smoking weed every day.

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Cause it only spreads in Christians churches. At least that's what I am told. Guess it gets really bad around easter.

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i will rarely defend jews, but i hear that jews worshiping in new york can also spread it.

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Why arent the homeless completely wiped out from the virus?

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Cuz it's a meme

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Because it's fake.

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