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Absolutely you are correct in making this conclusion. Psychiatric medication - particularly SSRI'S - is not only largely responsible for the few middle-class right wing and left wing atrocities that have occured due to them generating 'aggressive feedback loops' in some SSRI users, but is responsible for much of society's disorder in general, as it enables postmodernist brainwashing - and brainwashing in general- to more readily be absorbed. Evolutionary psychology and CBT are not exactly the fields leftist academia is most enthusiastic about right now.

Postmodernist brainwashing, including critical theory, identity politics and misandry (3rd wave "feminity and mascilinity are bad" feminism) - literally make people unhinged as they are not rooted in objective reality... a concept that academia largely believes is evil now (objective reality), as academia has been subverted by communist special interest per Yuri Bezmenov. Which by the way, was not countered and should have been by academia itself or via a new Branch tasked with ensuring America is allowed to teach and not indoctrinate (Civics isn't taught in school nor is personal finance).

The experts and top people can't - or couldn't - blame psychiatric medication being one of the primary root causes of societal problems because so many educated people are indeed on psychiatric medication and the health care system is arguably corrupted... so this creates a chilling effect where the truth has to be avoided. Further, many people are totally fine when on these medications and have no side effects, so some are concerned - and probably rightly so - of the negative stigma such an observation entails without nuance when statistically the risk of insane behavior is extremely low.

Yet it seems society still have to blame other things - often politically advantageous or ideologically advantageous scapegoats - wasting time/resources inventing wild conspiracy theories that have no basis in objective reality and are perhaps fueled by psychiatric medications interfering in the thought process of leftist academics/NGO's (it's the truth) - and they often fight against objective reality itself while almost always being wrong on predicting the future.

Further, although this is changing fast, the 40-60 demographic is not always understanding millenial and zoomer culture quite often. And often the professional 30 somethings were too sheltered by their academic social circles to really understand life outside that cloistered social circle, which by the way... many think they all are 100% right because Harvard or Georgetown said so, thus they are externally referenced from the degree. This creates a crisis for the West as supposed experts aren't as dialed-in as they could be.

This is also what the KGB wanted, although they had no idea what the end product would actually entail... but logically, corrupted systems would result from postmodernist/psyop ideologies that are not rooted in objective reality. It is no different than a rocketship's prep having a math error.

Ironically, our country was moving towards being fully dominated by Communist China while waging war with the post-communist Russian Federation for the benefit of China. China needs "women" as they have a male to female population disparity, they wanted to absorb Russia I bet. And if not, they sure need the room for expanding the Han Empire. America maybe was going to be used as being the "Useful Idiot" to fracture Russia under globalist liberal hegemony, which actually was for the benefit of Communist China... when China has now proven they don't care about any life whatsoever but the Party's, and even that is being generous. So it's good to see people woke up.

So basically yes, your connection is accurate. Meanwhile no doubt someone thinks the Russian Federation is responsible for hate on the internet, because objective reality and/or cognitive bias emerging organically is confused with a virus spreading hatred.

The paradigm is everything... I hope in the future people recognize how important it is to teach the cognitive bias codex to students. Our species surviving long-term just might literally depend on it.

Freedom of speech is great.

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Those brain zaps should raise way more questions than they do. What is happening there? I haven't read any logical explanations outside of speculation.

I've felt them myself. Took Lexapro for a month when I was 20 and suddenly after stopping them, the shocks began. Lasted over a month. Never considered those kind of pills ever again.

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I took Paxil (paroxetine) for two days. Afterwards when I moved my eyes to the side, I felt a sensation like an electric shock in the back of my head.

Those brain zaps should raise way more questions than they do. What is happening there? I haven't read any logical explanations outside of speculation.

I know a fair amount of biology and the science of the brain. There is no scientific explanation. The human brain has many mysteries.

Look no father than the drug LSD. Take it and you might see music, you might feel colors.

I recommend against it. Don't take such drugs except as the last measure.

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The cause of cancel culture is not anti-depressants, the cause of cancel culture is that we allow mental unstable people to continue doing their crazy shit. They are not to blame, we are for not stopping them.

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Agreed. Not that I actively encourage bullying but there is something to it.. Society needs some kind of way to reinforce positive behavior and punish the negative. The "accept everyone for who they are" attitude has fostered this weakness and overall insanity.

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Bullies for the most part, are the leftist scum who were never given boundaries as younger children, were told the sun shines out of their arsehole, and then behave as such towards others and thinks they are untouchable afterwards.

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bullys exist for a very good reason. The problem is teaching children that the world is all sunshine and rainbows and everyone is good. We don't have to teach the young doom and gloom but realism needs to exist in education.

Bullys are 90% of the time kids acting out because they are mistreated. But it is also a way of forcing out the bad behaviors from society and toughened people up. For boys developing into men this is critical as it teaches them how to stand up for themselves, or at the very least gives them motivation to succeed in different ways.

Bullying plus coddling negates the toughened effect. When I was a kid and dealt with bullys my father said okay, we are going to train you on how to respond verbally to their insults. Thus we made a "game" out of him hurling insults at me amd me thinking on my feet to retort.

Then when things ever got ohysical he made sure I knew how to hit, then told me to that next time it happens if I fight back everything will be fine, if I didn't then I'd be in trouble at home.

Guess what, that made me learn how to defend myself verbally and physically, which stopped the bullying because I was no longer and easy target and more hassle to deal with than it was worth.

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Society DOES need bully's. That's not nice to hear, but it's true. Nature has bully's. So a natural society will have them as well.

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I agree with this approach.

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Cancel culture is narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic abuse results in Narcissist Victim Syndrome NVS with the symptoms of anxiety, depression and CPTSD. Often resulting in the suicide of the victims.

The ssri drugs are meant to push you over the edge. It's all a part of this genocide of people that can see the evil and have a conscience.

This is how corrupt psychiatrists are. They are insane predators killing the victims of abuse rather than helping them end it and heal.

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Crazy people go after the drugs and the drugs make them crazier.

The root of it is that it's getting more difficult to avoid the evidence that most people lead meaningless lives of dependence, constant exploitation, environmental destruction, and increasing disconnection from tribe, and knowing that is just too much for some to handle.

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You hit the nail on the head. These medications help people who would otherwise tap out. Some of them turn it around, but only if they have money or do some serious soul searching. Otherwise, these meds just delay the inevitable, like those arcade coin games where you throw in a coin and try to get the whole stack of coins to topple over. Inevitability can only be altered to a degree, and only with precise effort.

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to think that the majority of the US population is on a mood/brain altering drug with uncertain long term effects is unbelievable, and add to that they don't even know how exactly it works! No wonder it seems like the majority of people are insane, they probably are, or are getting there.

Ill never forget when I was a freshman in HS I was living with my unstable newly divorced mother, I made my own appt with a psychologist because I had been feeling really shitty and thought it would be a good thing. 30 min into an hour appointment he says our time is almost up, writes me a scrip for wellbutrin and send me out the door. I stopped taking it after a week because fuck that, and I was totally fine. These doctors that are pushing these prescriptions on children to make money should literally be shot, I would volunteer to do it.

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All those SSRIs are like trying to repair a watch with a sledgehammer.

Interesting causal hypothesis.

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I do not know about your theory, but back in the 90's I took Paxil (an SSRI same as Prozac) for about six months.

Depression is far preferable to the shit SSRI's do to you.

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That's why they increase your chances of killing yourselve. Doubling the risk!

Does that sound like medicine to you or premeditated murder.

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