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Fucking weird, right?

For those unaware, its not what they say is the reason for it affecting us more. They say its racism and lack of medical care options. It's not. Its a lack of Vitamin D, an incredibly important hormone for your immune system. Vitamin D is the hormone that lets Zinc destroy viruses- you could say its the pathfinder, as it makes the inroads to the cell for the Zinc. Blacks produce far less Vitamin D than Whites due to an increased amount of melanin in their skin, so they need many times more sunlight than whites each day to reach the correct levels of Vitamin D. Combine that with todays living conditions in the first world, where people are mostly inside (unlike Africa where they are mostly outside), and you have a recipe for disaster in Black communities in the first world. Combine that disaster with a literal banning of HCQ in most places for purely political reasons, and you have something that could reach apocalyptic levels.

And then, of course, you have morons without masks dancing like strippers in the middle of the street at night, in groups (gangs) of 100 or more. i.e stupid niggas.

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Vitamin D also helps prevent "cytokine storms" - basically prevents your immune system from overreacting when it gets exposed to any disease. The only real danger from Covid is the body destroying itself while trying to destroy the virus.

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Most humans in western culture suffer from micronutrient malnourished. So while we get an excess of calories many are deficient in Vitamins D and C, zinc, iodine, magnesium and other various nutrients that are important to normal healthy function.

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Blacks produce far less Vitamin D than Whites due to an increased amount of melanin in their skin, so they need many times more sunlight than whites each day

It's as if they should be working in the fields or something!

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Melanin is one of the few things they produce

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Hey, now. That's not what I said.

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I was wondering why I haven't been sick in two years...

That's how long I've been taking magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D every day.

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I'm on A, zinc, C, and D. I don't do mag because it upsets my bowels.

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Then the jews told niggers they didn't have to wear a mask kek

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It really sucks that covid isn't cleansing africa of the waste products, it would have made a great holiday destination if there were no niggers left.

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subsahran africa has something like 2 covid cases per 1 million america and europe are 400 and 600... ask a covid1984 fanatic why and they come up with every excuse in the world. mention africans use HCQ and they lose there minds.. how can blacks here be 30% higher mortality yet africans are almost immune to it? makes no sense.

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It's way more than that, the number of excess deaths (which is the only sane way of tracking this) is up by 59% from last year.

" africans use HCQ" is meaningless, yes it might get used as a treatment, but blacks can't just pop into a pickup truck and drive to the nearest hospital, africa is a huge country.

Algeria said it's treated thousands with HCQ, so we are talking less than 0.005% of its population. It's irrelevant if it works or not because that sample size is stupidly small. This is just some silly idea that Trump wants to use to make it seem like he's making progress.

Testing is very low so we have no real data, I think the most likely explanation is they don't move around much so their ability to spread it around is limited to a few miles, compare that to Americans who drive all over the country and don't wear masks.

This is supported by the ebola data, super infectious but easily contained because they are not walking far enough to spread it around.

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We don't know how many Africans have died because they can't count, and don't have functional governments. And if an African dies of wuflu they probably think it was because of a voodoo curse.

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Well, a virus that kills niggers would be useful in support of China's moves into Africa. Think of it as fumigating.