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Because Germany dared to defy the jew.

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in case you deny the holohoax

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Now? Central Europe is a whole lot closer to the Middle East and Africa than the US, so it's a better location from which to resupply and a much better place to bring medical evacuations from theaters of war, and it's a solid layover stop for troops flying back and forth between said wars. Plus, it's far enough away from any potentially hostile state actors that it offers a strategically sound location to secure stockpiles of materiel for rapid deployment into the surrounding area. So it's basically a glorified American military truck stop.

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Europe is the middle east now. There's no point in caring what the middle east does anymore, unless they try to do it to the US in which case reverse engineering the Marshall plan will be fun.

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The real threat is the enemy from with in, not some opium farmer 6,000 miles away and can't point to the US on a map.

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So it's a love's truck stop with weinerschnitzel.

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And cuckoo clocks

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It's also a place for repairing materials. Shit gets sent there to get repaired then sent back to the more forward-deployed bases.

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Just in case Hitler comes back. Like Jesus but with a longer reboot.

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Ron Paul has been asking the same questions since the 70s. Possibly even before that.

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We have a huge military base there. It's mostly a staging ground for people we're going to send to the middle east and to store the stuff we'd use if Russia ever tried to invade a nato country

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I should have known that.

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To fight against zombie Hitler?

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Because Germany is still an occupied country. We are still at war. WWII never ended. A peace treaty was never signed. The German Reich never capitulated, only the military did. The German Federal Republic is an illegal state occupying part of the German Reich's territory. There is no democracy, only an illusion thereof. Every chancellor that wins an election is forced to sign a secret agreement with the all-lies before taking the oath of office, making them a mere puppet. There is no constitution, only a preliminary set-up until the German people are set free to sort themselves and their country out.

An no, I am not making this up.

With regards to the current goings-on: Trump wants Germany to pay their NATO bills and uses the troops as leverage. German people, as a whole, would want nothing more than to have the occupation come to an end and the GIs to get lost and cheer this on - in general. (Obviously those rural areas who profit from the bases view things differently). The German government is another story, though (enemy of the people).: Since Germany is still occupied it is not allowed to have a fully-fledged military. Conscription still exists, and the professional military is miniscule. A decade or so ago the draft was temporarily halted. So in general the German government took a stance of "we're your territory anyway, you don't allow us to fend for ourselves, so you make sure to keep us safe". Which is understandable, I guess. Trump signalling his pull-out and at the same time not sorting out the historic mess is kind of arsy. Now the German government is already mulling reinstating the conscription.

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