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Whites are practicing birth control, because they believed the lies about overpopulation, and that woman had to get a career before they could make children; and at the same time whites are feeding all the niggers of the world and paying sheboons to have niglets as fast as they can pop them out onto the government dole. What do you think the population difference is?

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I don't trust practically any census/demographics numbers from almost anywhere. But by percentage I'd say whites are like 10% of the world's population. Think of the billions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and I don't think my estimate is too far off.

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we are very much the minority

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I have read that Caucasoids make up 16% of the world population. Of that amount, 6% are blonde haired, 2% are red.

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Take out arabs and jews and "white" hispanics and you get something just under ~8% of world pop.

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under 500k whites


thats like... the size of a small melbourne suburb. there are a fuckload more whites around the world than that.

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Huh? Not even gonna touch the 500k...... and, if you think Africa cant feed itself due to jews or loans, well, i dunno what to say but lurk more.