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Do YOU not understand how deep the TDS goes? They would literally immolate themselves in the street if they thought it would hurt Trump.

Saying which... I'm surprised they haven't done that and wonder if we could bump them over that line?

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They're gambling that enough of us lower class conservatives, 9-5 avg joes, will be hurt enough to turn on Trump and beg for handouts, because that is what they would do if it were them.

Libs have no spine, guts, or ethics, work or moral.

[–] yaksarefinetoo ago 

Yeah, I've thought about that too. I don't think most of them are thinking that far ahead. The ones that are either want as much chaos as possible so it's a good thing to them or they figure they are putting black people in a better position during this economic crisis. But if it goes really bad they are just sewing seeds for violence.

[–] Askaboutthefreeplant ago 

Will it? A depression will put people out of work but that won't effect people without jobs. There won't be as much tax money for the government to collect, but they'll just borrow more.

You're also assuming any of those people think more than 5 seconds ahead.