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Just looked in the fridge, if I time it right, there are just enough drinks for me to get drunk and take advantage of myself.

[–] Deplorablepoetry ago 

Yes! I’m going to encourage queers on the Internet to commit suicide!

I have fun.., the dead fuck is dead so who cares about him...

PS: kill yourself

[–] 24589086? [S] ago 

I love you ❤

[–] Deplorablepoetry ago 

No, no you don’t, you are patronizing poorly.

Have you considered suicide today?

Look in a mirror and then ask yourself if a fat ugly sack of puke really has any meaning on this planet, then, kill yourself.

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Probly toss off into a face mask.....why?

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Drugging my coward of a dog until it passes the fuck out, drinking beer, and playing "fireworks or gunfire" mostly.

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What do you drug him with?

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Damn dog has a scrip for xanax, believe it or not. Fireworks and this mutt are a bad mix.