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OK, but here is something hilarious: our small town is going to have fireworks, however they will be launched from an "undisclosed location" (to prevent people from gathering nearby). People should set up their lawn chairs at home in their yards, trying to avoid trees and buildings in order to secure a view toward the east. Do not allow anyone in your yard besides your immediate family/household, ...and be sure to wear your masks while you are isolated in your own yards.

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Vaguely sounds like my satellite setup.

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Hello nigger, enjoying your stay?

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Gibs me dat.

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Everything's good other than the woman throwing a complete shit fit this morning. Going to a good friends house later tonight that does an incredible 4th fireworks celebration every year. Looking forward to it! Hope everyone has a goddamn great and safe Independence Day.

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Pretty good so far.

Visited my old man this morning, brought the girlfriend. We went to one of his childhood stomping grounds and fished a small dam that was built in the 30's. Ended up catching only 1 walleye and 2 perch.

From there visited one of my uncles who was having a family gathering for an hour.

Went to an Amish bakery (they sell every Saturday) - picked up an apple pie and some raspberry rhubarb jam.

Visited my other uncle who is a Vietnam Vet, the one you "never ask questions" to. Thanked him again for going through something I would hate to have to and had a few beers.

Came home, made some Jalapeno Poppers and an American Flag fruit cake.

  • Cut Jalapenos in half, de-seed. Cook 1 lb of breakfast sausage add some spices and drain grease. Mix with cream cheese and parmesian cheese, stuff each half of the Jalapeno and bake @ 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

  • Line a cookie sheet with sugar cookie - bake, make a cream cheese frosting, then use blueberry for the top left, and line with strawberry for the stripes.

Going to a good friends house tonight to light off some mortars/fireworks and eat some food and bring the above dishes to share.

Chillin' for a few hours until it gets that time and catching up on other events.

All in all it's been pretty good here.

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I’ve pissed off plenty of coward queers on voat today

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Did you tell them to ask you how their families die, or call them commies? You are such a cuck.