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Lincoln was a jewish puppet who took orders from Alan Pinkerton / Bank of England / Rothschild. He was killed to tie up loose ends, not because he was an enemy to jews. He is responsible for the death of more Whites than any other President, destroyed the Constitution and laid the foundation for ZoG to rise. Andrew Jackson was the last stand against the pedophile banksters, but make no mistake 1861 was the year America was murdered and it's been a psychotic shit show ever since.

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Lincoln was a Christian

Eh, sort of. He was raised to venerate jews, defended jews against Christians, and had plenty of jewish teachers.

white nationalist


who ended the Jewish slave trade

The slave trade had ended decades before the civil war. Slavery was just ended.

and intended to send blacks back to Africa.

Yep, and was killed before he could.

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He was a tyrant who allowed Sherman's brutal march to the sea and destroyed the 10th Amendment ending State Sovereignty. Even if he HAD sent ALL the niggers back to Africa, the damage he did to the Republic was still catastrophic.

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He sought to subdue the States to the power of the Fed and he succeeded. Abolishing slavery was secondary and was mainly emphasized to keep international support from stepping in to help the South. He may have been planning to relinquish some power back to the states after the war and was killed for it.

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Sic semper tyrannis

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He took money from the Jews to slaughter fellow Americans. Ending slavery was a good thing; the way he did it was not.

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What do you base your opinion of him on?

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A smattering of his writings, but I haven't done the deep dive.

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