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Lets see. An anonymous 'street artist' suddenly and out of nowhere becomes internet famous and then household name fame. Produces a polished documentary which also features a completely fabricated 'artist'. Banksy manages to sell works in galleries and auction houses while Still maintaining complete anonymity. If you know anything of the gallery and auction house world, this is very unlikely. They like this little thing called provenance, among other things. This is all so very unlikely it's ludicrous. The world of fine art is very small and insular.

You make the call

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Also read "The Painted Word" by Tom Wolfe - short non-fiction book about how three art history professors named Clement Greenberg, Harold Rosenberg and Leo Steinberg (are you surprised?) duped the rich NY elites into buying crappy art for high prices in the 1970's.

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awesome novel, really hammers home how the art market is just as shit as fashion

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Thanks, I'll have to check it out.

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I thought he was some guy from cornwall or something. Goy. Vandalized the wall along the west bank? Big critic of Israel I think. Dont get me wrong he’s a commie.