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Just ignore their idiot proclamations.

The enemy only has as much power as you let them have. Who gives a fuck what they like our don't. Who cares what they think is racist.

If they ever use violence against us we hey to kill them all. And all of the fake police and so-called Justice system that protects them, and because of what the jews did to Julius Streicher the whole lying press also gets it for making and spreading enemy propaganda.

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They did this to all our national holidays in South Africa.

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Unfortunately South Africa seems to be the model the left is using to destroy Europe and America.

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they will claim that the stupid Juneteenth is "the real independence day" and will pump it up as a national holiday

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This sounds realistic.

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They've done a number on is this year. People couldn't gather for Easter. Then we were forced to act like Juneteenth is a holiday and then in places like TX they made all these more strict rules limiting celebration of Independence Day- definitely a transformation is underway.

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For centuries if not ecades every town or village in the UK had a local festival/funday etc sometimes shops would close families would get together many have disappeared one year it was weather one logistics one some other excuse they've been replaced by multi cultural crap and pride (which amazingly don't seem to suffer from the problems the traditional ones did)

Bank holidays have been eroded as has Christmas, Easter, Saints Days etc yet Diwali and Eid and other Dune coon festivals are celebrated and promoted

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If orange man wins we'll have another outbreak of riots and the country will snap, governors mayors police chiefs who let these people walk free from the current riots will be charged or killed. We will probably have a 15 month civil war and wind up with the the left side of the overton window moving to trump and sargon and the right side blowing past Pinochet.

I think it's about time we get a big strategy meeting about contingencies going.

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12 months

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In my town they already cancelled the parade, but we had a blm march instead.

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Naw, the leftists will just appropriate it. They turn it into something such as Day of White Shame and make all white people kiss the feet of niggers.

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If this happens I will choose to die on my feet and i will take as many with me as I can.

[–] ardvarcus ago 

Good for you. What I'm worried about is when the banks, the big Internet companies, the multinationals, all start punishing people for being white. They are already punishing people for having opinions they disagree with, by getting them fired, making it impossible for them to get a loan or credit, and so on. Eventually the same thing will be done to whites, just for being white, if we don't stop them.

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It does not matter if they cancel it or not. Americans will keep shooting fireworks and firearms. Fireworks other than sparkles are illegal in my state and I have heard more fireworks and gunshots going off this year than any other year since I can remember. Where I am at it is clear that the police cannot stop people from setting off explosions.

I think that these things on this date is a very American ritual and is akin to dogs howling at each other. They can cancel 4th of July all they want but as long as one freedom-loving countryman starts setting these things off other countrymen will follow as a sort of anonymous howl of freedom. Every one of these things going off is outright illegal and has been for a while but that has not stopped every red-blooded American from illegally smuggling and detonating these on this day of the year.

Anybody who understands what the fireworks represent and what they continue to represent everywhere where they are illegal and still going off will see that the more you try to cancel this particular day the harder Americans will rebel against what they are being told to do.

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