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more than ~20 pages and the staple prongs won't fold and they stack wont stay together. I put together many quarterly reports for mr. shceckburg and the sharholders for their meetings back in my day. You need a binder system when there are too many pages.

I am considering making some 13/50 stickers but I don't want to ugly yupmy town and I hate big cities avoiding at all cost rn.

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Yeah, 15 is about the maximum if you want the staples to close without sticking out and cutting your fingers.

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Staples sells a stapler that can do 40 pages easily, and it is about the same size as a regular stapler.

There are others that are quite large and have a long lever that can staple a large stack of papers and accommodate different sizes of staples. The standard staple size for this press could probably easily do 60 or more pages.

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I wanna buy at least 1000 of those flyers please. Make it so.

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W your typical Swingline style stapler I think it's like 15~20. Never tested it though.

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