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Cut off one of your limbs and if anybody asks you about it tell them that was the jewish part of you

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Mix 50 / 50 bleach and ammonia. Breathe deep. It will cure the jew sickness.

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what personality traits are you referring you, y' jewish bastard?

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this is some larp faggot shit

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mental illness and schizophrenia

[–] Recoup42 [S] ago  (edited ago)

Greed, dishonesty, manipulation and gaslighting. Not even in all situations, but I certainly do it when it's a benefit to myself. Not typically with people that I care much about, except maybe the manipulation part. I can be a slimy bastard sometimes.

Oh and my cousin controls the central banking system

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Try being more humble, and stoic?

[–] scoopadoop ago 

Greed is a personal problem. you are going to have to get over it somehow. when my father died i noticed a huge change in how much less i cared about my possessions, and more about my family and the meaningful bonds i have in my life. that is where real value lies.

Materialism is poison.

for Dishonesty, you will have to develop patience and self awareness. You will have to start observing your own behavior as you do it. when next you lie, examine why you did it. And to finally overcome it, you will need the level of self awareness where you are always thoughtful and aware. When you are about to lie to someone, stop yourself and tell the truth. when you are going to do something questionable, stop and think, will I have to lie about this later. If you never even have a need to lie then the problem goes away before it starts.

For me, it has been more a change in my lifestyle, where i no longer have a NEED to lie because the life I have is one i can be honest about.

As for the rest of it, the biggest part is to just not be a dick. I get the feeling you might be more than a bit of an asshole and it is starting to come back around to you. Learn about the concept of Sonder and how it affects you and everyone around you. Meditate on those things. Go beyond the limits of your own object permanence and understand that fucking with people does send out chain reactions and ripple effects. It does not disappear when it goes beyond your perception or out of your mind. just because you are not aware of the negative impact doesn't mean it isn't there

Even if it is very small, it is there

Conversely, doing good things can also have far reaching effects. Even if you never see the returns on it yourself, doesn't mean it isn't there. Even if it is very small it is still there. There will even have been times in your life that you have been the beneficiary of someone else's good works. And if you only do good for others in the hopes that it will pay off down the road, then it doesn't count. That is an investment, not a kindness.

The whole point of kindness is that there is unspoken trust between people. even people who have never met. and often times it involves making yourself vulnerable to another person. or in a state of service to another person. and you do this with the trust that the person on the receiving end will not take advantage. that they will be grateful for this boon that did not have to be bestowed, say thank you, and move on with their day, now on a timeline slightly better than the one they were on before.

And once you can appreciate the reality of this world you might even have thoughts like " how little harm can I do while still getting what I want."

And when you have the power to do it, for the love of god, take a hit for the team. And not just your faggy little tiny hat tribe. I mean just regular, everyday people.

Jews do not understand this trust. They do not understand the value of kindness and how it can lift all people in a group, and how the lack of it changes the nature of a society. when someone makes themselves vulnerable, they press the advantage. when someone takes on a voluntary, temporary state of service, they try to make it permanent and compelled, as if they are owed.

You want to not be so jewey? Try just helping people, or even just not screwing them over, hell start with giving someone a fair deal you awful jew. this universe doesn't exist for your benefit jew, you are just another speck of sand in it.

what do you even exploit others for? do you want money? why? it is a means to an end , not the end itself. what do you need the money for? what is the REAL reason you are chasing the green dragon? What the fuck is compelling you to do such rotten fucking kikery? Examine yourself and identify these things in yourself and what you need to change to improve. Either that or kill yourself to spare this world of your wretched kind.

Wow this got away from me and got kind of ranty towards the end. a whole wall of text just for you

TL;DR In summary, just try not to be such a jerk. Live a life of virtues that you don't have to lie about. Work on improving yourself and then help others find the path. or just kill yourself you fucking kike half breed infiltrator.

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just kill yourself . being circumsized is worse than death.

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Infiltrate the Israeli government.

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Off yourself you dirty kike!

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An Italian Jew? Ugh, I can't think of a worse person. All the arm movement and hand wringing... it must get physically exhausting. But ya just go ahead and place your head in an oven and make the world a better place.

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Believe it or not, I didn't get the handwaving genes.

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You can't be saved, not only are you Jewish but your Italian; Italians are on the same level as they are and while many fuck wits here wouldn't agree they're just as bad.

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Pay me reparations. It’s a start.

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