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Best documentary is this one, literally filmed and all that during Hitler's time.

"Triumph des Willens" seriously, its probably the best doco you could ask for. Its pure propaganda, obviously, as everything is. But this one is magical. And if you watch carefully, you will see Sylvester Stallone's grandfather rocking a Hitler stasche with Joel Kinnamans grandfather right next to him.

Don't waste your time with TGSNT, its good, but it's still american written. Go with something direct from the source, Triumph des Willens.

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triumph of the will is less doco more propaganda, not really a good example. Everything about it was carefully choreographed and staged, not necessarily for the doco itself, but the setting up for filiming it to get what they did is an extra layer of it.

just mv opinion.

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No, I'm NatSoc and you're right. It's simply to drum up support. Nothing inherently wrong with that, no different than a movie depicting a great American hero or whatever. BUT I found the easiest way to get someone to open up to NatSoc is to present it from a "scientific" perspective.

That's how I opened up to the idea the Reich wasn't so bad... Then I kept reading and reading and... Whoops, now I wish I had died defending the last great White Christian empire.

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Although "Triumph of the Will" is beautifully shot and is used as an example of documentary film making technique, it becomes boring because there is no story or tension found in interesting documentaries. TGSNT is too long and gets boring in some parts but it shows the dramatic story of Germany rising from economic ruin and social degeneracy to power.

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Try researching Nazi's in Japan. They've likely the most motivations to have the most in depth research on the topic as they were Germany's "ally" during the second world war.

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Europa The Last Battle covers a great deal on the politics of WW1-WW2 era Germany and is one of the best documentaries by Whites for Whites I've ever seen. It's on bitchute!

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Couple more:
A Last Appeal To Reason: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WqBY9qYsRuHl/

Hellstorm - The genocide of Germany: https://www.bitchute.com/video/xhY9ATDCrOWP/

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Occult Forces on youtube