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We need to end welfare. Leet them starve.

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The poorest, most deserving people in the country are in the Appalachian mountains, I believe. Those people need help, not niggers.



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We need to end welfare. Let them starve or move.

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End Jews and the problem will solve itself

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There's probably 10x as many white nigger loving cucks as there are jews. They're a much bigger problem.

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Same for PBS and all these other corporate welfare whores. Why are we forced to pay for them as well?

BTW.. several weeks into the "protests" and not one MSM ("news") shows have mentioned George Floyd's autopsy report.

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Welfare dependency is one thing, but what about the human dependency to money, which creates the welfare class and the poverty it operates in?

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Taxes. I can always vote with my dollar, but the government takes and I have no choice in the matter.

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Yup. Taxes are compulsory. I don’t give a fuck what Nike does with its money.

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Absolutely. I can be as racist as I want with my dollars but not my taxes.

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Government is a deception (govern mind), but underneath it lies a selfish contract of you shirking responsibility of governing yourself to the false authority of others. Only you have the sole authority over your actions; a liberty offered to you by nature. Now make a step forward and realize that you made the choice to want their money, which they give you in exchange for whatever they can trick you into consenting away. that led for example to them getting mankind to consenting away their so called "intellectual property rights", which are human ideas and the limited fruits of our creativity and intelligence. These are now all kept from mankind behind paywalls, with less and less possibilities for the rest to work with.

[–] Eualos ago 

They make it hard to fight them, but I see your point.

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Easy. I object to being held at the point of a gun while the productive years of my life are stripped from me and my family to encourage growth in the violent parasitic simian population much more than I object that those that take advantage of my own stupidity choose to use those proceeds to exercise their own stupidity.

But I mean that in the happiest way.

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Whatever they take in taxes, you are a literal slave for that amount of time.

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Whites are the new slaves. Whites work to support blacks who don't work. If whites try not to pay for blacks they are arrested. Now whites can't even defend themselves from blacks without going to jail, thanks to jews. White privilege sucks. I don't want it anymore.

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for that amount of time

Nope. Debt is exponentially increasing and un-payable by default. It's how they psychologically indoctrinate guilt with debt, while using fear for dependency. It's all about keeping that contract of beleif going in the human mind that money holds value.

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several states ended affirmative action, but yeah the whole thing needs to go away

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ca is in the process of removing the non discrimination law so they can reinstate affirmative action,but this time for all things in life not just school.think jobs, etc.

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Can't wait till state of Jefferson secedes from them. CA government will not even hear them speak about it.

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Defund welfare.

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Defund education. Defund everything but the army, some infrastructure funding like the power grid.

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this is one of the reasons I started my own business.

it takes some work and strategic financial planning, but it's possible to pay very little to no taxes and fly under the radar.

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The corporations are not giving it to black people. They are giving it to the democratic party. Then Democrats in turn give a very small fraction to blacks and pocket the rest. So no it does not bother me that the blacks are getting 1% of 1% of the money. The problem is not as simple as that. To think it is is just what (((they))) want you to think.

[–] voatre ago 

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