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What do you believe the death rate to be?

less than 1%

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is important.

No. Don't be a nigger and wash your hands.

A lot of people seem to WANT a pandemic.

Yes. Unfortunately ronachan is a weak bitch.

Masks improve public health.

Masks are a soft gun control, as CC while wearing a mask is a felony. Just wait till the nigger riots die down and watch the zogbots shit all over our rights. Crackers weren't dumb enough to take the bait because watching shitties burn is glorious.

The cost of locking down the country was a fair price to pay to combat COVID-19.


Social media should be punished for sensationalizing COVID-19 numbers.

Social media is evil and should be purged, and their faggot kike management given to the niggers in jail for 'reparashuns.' Let ol' rastus bore out their stinkholes for a while.

Vaccines are usually good to get when recommended by a Dr.

Fuck no. kikes don't do it, what's that tell you?

I (you) will be getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it is made available.

Over my dead body.

Evolution explains the different forms of life we see, not divine creation.


Was COIVD-19 a disaster in the U.S. because we didn't respond soon enough or because it caused massive damage to the economy?

Economy. Fuck the media.

Who is to blame for the COVID-19 disaster?

In order: chinks, kikes, mediakikes.

South Dakota took minimal actions against COVID-19 and they are doing great. Should we follow South Dakotas proven record of success or restrict personal freedoms even more?

Freedom. If I want to shove my dick in a light socket, that's between me and the light socket. The government need not interpose itself between our forbidden love.

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T - to be worn by the person whom is sick





T and F




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I think the death rate is about 1 percent right

Yes it is important to slow the spread but

Yes Soros Puppet Dems love their power.

Masks are fine for work but I think it is getting ridiculous.

We should have NEVER locked down for more tham 2 weeks.

And yes Chinaa loving media should fall

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