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knight of long knives was when himmler purged the SA (Sturmabteilung, basically elite brownshirts) using claims of homosexuality and executed Ernst Rohm who was one of the dudes invovled in the putch.

Himmler wanted the SS as the main bodyguard for hitler but hitler wouldnt remove Rohm so they did what they do and suddenly SA were a bunch of homos that needed to be eradicated.

Whether they were actually rampant with homosexuality i have no idea but i beleive that was the story.

Tehnically it was about merging the official german army with the old freikorps units, wermacht wanted to keep their status whereas the freikorps etc decided they were the inheritors, all of this while trying to hide shit from the versailles treaty which said max standing army of 100,000 in total and no mechanisation.

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decent summary, thanks.

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i paid way too much attention to that shit when i was a kid lol. no worries.

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Decent summary, except you forgot the part where the SA was riddled with Strasserists, basically folks that wanted to make the National Socialist ideology less National Socialist and more Marxist Socialist. Basically a National Communism, akin to Bolshevism, which is where the Nazbol meme comes into play.

Conveniently enough, these Strasserists were removed promptly. By your friendly neighborhood SS I might add.

The SS's main prerogative at the time was to protect Hitler and by extension the Reich. The Strasserists were a direct threat to Hitler as they were getting bold and plenty of discontent among the SA was voiced.

One of the Strasserists key leaders, Gregor Strasser, was dealt with. His brother Otto was not, and (I believe) had already left Germany. I do know he survived the war and returned.

Gregor Strasser was one of, if not the, leaders of the SA.

The homosexual stuff you read about may be true, or may not be. What is true is that the purge that occurred thanks to the SS was absolutely vital and ensured no more Marxist influence within the NSDAP.

That was the reason of that night. Not to get rid of a few faggots... 😂 That idea is simply comedy.


There's your real reason. I'm surprised not many more folks know about it to be honest.

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Check me on this one, above. Make sure I've got my facts straight. I'm sure I do, but it's been a long time since this subject has been in my neck of the woods.

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Read above. You'll see the reason why it happened.

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The nazis were hunting the occultist. The occultist have inverted the narrative.

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Total horseshit, and disinformation. Thule Society, and Vril blood witches are occult cornerstones of the highest levels of the Third Reich.

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I start with wikipedia as a starting point on a "historical perspective" and names , then ferret out the fallacies. History books are basically jew propaganda.

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Good question.

As a guess I would think it was an old guard check. History states something else. but based off of now a days. It makes sense.

Your first 6months are getting rid of the the traitors. While being attacked by the Jewish Media.

After that you plug in your men but no one knows what position they they take.

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The night of the long knives claim is that he had up to 1000 people that just got him elected.

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Like Broward County when they rigged the Primary?

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It was a necessary commie purge to get rid of the subversive Strasserists who advocated for a Marxist policy.

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The night of the long knives was when hitler ordered the murder of the head men of his brown shirts(his private storm troopers).when hitler became chancelor of Germany the brown shirts wanted to be incorporated into the German army.but the generals of the army did not want the brown shirts because they were mostly thugs and the German army had traditions to uphold.

So hitler ordered the brown shirt leaders murdered to appease the German high command.

This was accomplished by cutting the throats of several brown shirt leaders on the same night and at the same time.this occurred at several different locationns and some of the commanders were murdered as they slept with their male lovers.

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Have you ever heard this discussed by people who make the claims of Hitlers strong Christian beliefs?

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it would be wholly irrelevant it wasnt a religious matter, it was a totalitarian political manouver thats well attested to throughout history. not making claims of right or wrong here but a lot of what hitler and other military leaders have done over the years they have used historical precedent to justify it. especially when the people fighting that war believe it really is life or death, and hitler was very good at making people believe if they didnt do this thing then the world falls.

thing is...

kind of looks like he was right... but dont ask the media, and you know why you dont ask the media? because its run by the people that he was fighting against. remember who opposed the brownshirts....


They were violent communist agitators then and they are violent communist agitators now.

Who paid antifa then? Who ran the media then? Who had a disproportionately high amount of their people in government and finance then?

Who pays antifa now? Who runs the media now? Who has a disporportionately high amount of their people in government and finance now?


Now ask yourself.... why do these people want archive websites purged? Is it so that, you know, if something was to kick off, that they can then turn around after the dust settles and say 'well theres no evidence of what you claim we did but you murdered another 6 gorillion of our people.... and it will keep happening too.

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