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Because , as we see , the nefarious one worlders , the chosen few , the lucifarian sect , want and are implementing a cashless world . So , hoard the change , phase it out and there you have it . We must all use electronic currency .. the implications are astounding .

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I came to mention the surplus of commas, but I see that supply has outstripped demand at hyperinflationary scales; invest in semicolons while you still can!!

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Asians hording physical coins and the mint not making new ones. That's my guess. Might be a backdoor way of forcing a move over to debit cards.

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You're in the Midwest arent you. Every coinage shortage starts there.

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imagine doxing yourself simply by saying youre out of nickles

[–] Rellik88 [S] ago 

South West

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Weird bro. People cut down on unnecessary trips so the banks aren't getting change, plus a ton of small businesses are just keeping it in closed tills. Banks carry really small amounts on hand, Ive bounced a bank before trying to cash a check. Nobody wants to handle things that have gone between multiple people right now.

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A congressman asked the fed chairman about it. (((Powell))) swore it was just a temporary problem, due to covid cooties

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Same thing in the south east

[–] ncbrazil ago 

Havn't heard of that problem in my area. But if I was a store owner I'd be wary of having any cash or change on hand with all these people in masks. Sooer or later one is going to rob me and cash/coins is easy to take.