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We fucking hate the CCP you stupid nigger. What the fuck? Oh I get it. YOU just arrived and think you've sampled the data size to articulate a fucking opinion. NICE

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Really now? I've never seen CCP nonsense get a pass here. Any specific complaints?

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Are you a common core student or just a idiot!

You cannot claim without sources here!

Goat rapport is earned.


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Maaaaaah! I call everyone a niggerfaggotkike.

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Because one is foreign and the other domestic.

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The jew isn't happy that there isn't killing between the goyims so the jew can reign supreme.

[–] slwsnowman40 ago 

Because it is the same propaganda.

[–] albeit ago 

Stop you ask dumb question roundeye.

[–] ggolemg ago 

In comparison pan face rice niggers are hardly a threat compared to Jews.

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