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The city put them there. I remember reading a "news site" about it.

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I could be completely wrong but I think they put them up at the beginning of the protest to keep trucks of peace from coming through the crowds. I actually wondered the same thing when I saw them the other day.

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They were put there by the city.

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stacked on the side of the road, with an unattended fork lift and the full tank of propane, how handy.

[–] Countryboyseein ago 

This is the correct answer!

Now, who paid and planned for it?

Although as a side thought.... working together the nigs can move mountains... but that would have required a leader...

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oy vey, no asking questions for you! noticing things is anti semitic.

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Power of the People, man!!! Dig it!!!

[–] ToxicWhiteMale ago 

City workers are unionized and can't lift more than 40 lbs....most likely explanation