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Because they are fucking white...

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That’s not what a liberal would say though.

Theyed probably point out that inbreeding and abuse are rampant in Amish communities and then try to take a moral high ground without addressing that those problems are also rampant in nigger villages but they still can’t build a mill.

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The Amish are given a chance to leave the lifestyle as I recall. It's some kind of event that happens when they're fifteen or sixteen, when the normal person wants to party and experience adult life. They can drink, have sex, smoke weed, pretty much do whatever they want until a later date where they're asked if they want to come back to the Amish life. Kind of takes the idea that it's a cult away, at least to a certain extent.

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Vast parts of the muslims world are considerably more inbred than the amish:





Upwards of 60 percent cousin marriage in Pakistan.

And somehow, ashkenazi kikes manage to have even more fucked up genetics than that.

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This is fucking gold...scroll down and see how many proclaimed voatists throw down the inbred or "Yeah but some of them have minivans!"...as if that is an argument against anything

[–] minx88 ago 

Well the liberal said that about the Amish and the majority of liberals are second you rats and they always trying to portray whiteis in bed when we haven’t done that for hundreds of years if ever that’s still Jewish lies pushed by the BBC in Hollywood it’s actually illegal slander and ADL needs to be shut down for the hypocrite deformation shit.!!!

What’s more Jews are like Nager’s low IQ and their psychotically synagogue of Satan jealous of whites because we are intelligent and whites have superior intelligence therefore we created the civilized world with all those Third World retard is what seem to want to come to and parasite on well bitching about minority and victimhood shit no they’re not minorities they’re just retarded and there’s ass ugly Muslim black and you are inferior ugly and they know that whites are more intelligent that’s why they try to demonize in Hollywood but we’re sick of their shit will kick them out 109 times for Jewish ritual murder and constant attacks on usAnd I’ll bring the black Knigge Muslim to do the work for them they think they can try that shit again but now they’re going to be sent back to hell

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White as a glass of milk.

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Many of their congregations speak only German during services. Good way to keep the rifraf out.

[–] minx88 ago 

Yes and now I’m gonna learn German German is cool they just have to get rid of that fat, commy kike Merkel Set a sweetie for that fact have to get rid of their Jews Feminist witches in their politics

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the one down vote! lol

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JIDF is salty AF.

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No niggers. Women have to know their place, the kitchen. Men work, vote for the best actions for the community. But the most important reason, God is at the center of all things they do and say. That’s why it works.

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good morals work better for them than good laws

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I can cook better than most women what about me?

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Sadly few girls are taught how to cook any more and grow up to be fucking useless in the kitchen. Their moms were too busy working or being liberated to spend the time necessary to pass on those skills. Most guys I know are better cooks than chicks, mostly I think because girls get spoiled by being taken out, whereas guys either settle for cuppa-noddle or they figure out how to prepare a good meal.

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Congrats on beating those are literally barely more than children.

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Me too. It’s just makes us more awesome.

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everyone helps out. ever seen a barn raised in a day? I've seen it take weeks but never a day. that's Amish Power. The community and all for all aspect is how they are so successful. ever seen mennonites? super weird. Amish with cellphones but no zippers.

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Depends on which Amish. Basically, can use electricity and tech, but not in their own home. It’s okay to have a full cabinet shop with compressors, machines, etc., just have to leave it all at work at the end of the day.

[–] minx88 ago 

Well patriarchy is the best although in the west men have never been dominant and telling women to go to the kitchen like the Muslim cockroaches and they Jewish rats which are both extremely violent against women

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Amish are a Jew free patriarchal Christian theocracy.

And they are fucking White.

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That is the correct answer: White, Christian, and no Jews.

It's simple really. Anyone with half a brain can see it, IOW liberals and SJWs are dumb as shit.

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It's more than stupidity. Liberals have been trained from birth to deny the truth and to close their eyes to reality.

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Most people with a working brain know the answer.

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Amish people have money stashed away. They work hard to earn it and they live below their means.

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Cut up your credit cards man it’s nothing but debt slavery kike Usery!! Spread word quick!!

Also find ways to have your money safe to get away from dependency of the banks!!!

Look at what happened in the 1930s with the depression and the bank runs they tried to do that in France just recently and the Jews closed all the banks and wouldn’t allow anybody to withdraw because you’re spiteful rats and they don’t like the shackles taken away from them or the ability to to scam people so the best thing is to just get out of being dependent on them!!

And those rats will always find a way to harass and intimidate and scam like that cashless bullshit or the chip mark of the devil bullshit because the rats are synagogue of Satan but their shit is exposed and they can do nothing about word spreading like wildfire especially since they expose themselves

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They have tons of money. Where I am from when land goes up for sale they pool money and buy it up with cash.

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... There is another way?

[–] gazillions ago 

The niggers are going to see your first sentence.

[–] minx88 ago 

most knickers can’t read properly look at that Knigge DEA in the US with a law degree and still yet can’t manage to properly enunciate a fucking word they don’t have the brain capacity

To pronounce a word clearly and fully they always shorten the word because their brain neurotransmitters do not let allow them to do that because they don’t have that ability It Hass to do also with their skull that have to do with their DNA they are closer to the primate their average IQ is 60 or 70 which is clinical retardation 50 even at times

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Low IQ along with selfishness. Everybody's on the take. That's why these countries never progress very far. Profound selfishness and desperation. India is how old? Africa is how old? Why are they still shit holes? Corruption is a way of life. Woven into the fabric of these countries.

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I don't think it's "Woven into the fabric of these countries."

I think it's built into the hearts and minds of their people.

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Culture. Basically it's the same thing. Shared values in the society.

[–] minx88 ago 

Nope it’s woven into their DNA and into their physiognomy blacks are inferior primates they eat monkeys have sex with monkeys they rape and kill their own women and other women they jump on cars Have five and 10 children from three different women like animals and they don’t even pay to take care of their childrenthey steal shit like monkeys they throw feces in like monkeys like in Calais and Spain and Greece don’t be surprise when people call you fucking monkeys when you act like fucking monkeys.. A Knigge’s is so fucking retarded that you did not even have the fucking wheel until the whites came so get your Nager ass is back to Africa and stay there everyone of you were sick of your shit!!!

Oh and if there are some less retarded Nager’s please also go back to Africa because maybe one of you relatively smart or less retarded can help to fix your continent!!! since you’re so stupid that you can’t tell the difference between who enslaved you the Muslims in slaves you for centuries and still do OK and it was the Jews who had you on their boats and slaves and it was the Jews that had you in the slaves in the USA there were no whites that had slaves they look white but they’re not they’re Jewish but fucking Nager‘s are too stupid to comprehend this Time to wake up Nager‘s ticket get your shit together and get the fuck out go back to Africa picture continent you’re not European even if you’re born hereEven if your great great grand mom was born here you can never be European OK your African that you admitted that you have to go back to your continent and fix that shit hole

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India actually used to be pretty advanced before they got gangraped by a bunch of nomadic tribes and genocided in the 100s of millions by the muslims. It's kind of similar to how China(a once great empire based in meritocracy) became a third world shithole. Often times, the downfall of great empires can be attributed to the betrayal committed by some very greedy (((merchants))). Though of course, having an IQ over 50 and noticing patterns is very much anti-semitic.

[–] minx88 ago 

We’re so tired of hearing that fucking word anti-somatic that it means actually anti-gentile they are hypocrite fucking discriminatory poisonous daemonic rats

[–] Dziewanna ago 

Indians, especially the higher castes (Brahmin) have a substancial presence of R1a haphlogroup among them - genetic influx from Indo-European migrants dating around the Bronze Age.

Same group (R1a) is found mostly in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), Central Europe (Slavs, eastern Germans, Balts), as well as for instance in Iran.

R1a also migrated to China around 1800 BC (Tarim mummies).

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Have you been to India or Africa? You might be surprised.

India is overpopulated and land is very expensive in most of the country. They don't have the opportunity to buy land the same way the Amish can. The Amish make money off of land. Land is their resource. They farm and cut down trees to make into furniture. The Amish also have very good land for farming. There are advantages to seasonality (such as crop storage) and colder temperatures.

Still though, there are parts of India where the quality of life is as well off or better than the Amish. The Amish are technically poor by American standards, and if they were crammed together with very little land to use, they would be poorer.

There is nothing intrisic about Indians which would make them less capable than white people. Indians in the US have the highest average incomes. India has had civilization for a very long time. Ruins at Dholavira are ~4,000 years old.

Even within Africa you can find small self-contained communities which aren't "poor" and have a decent quality of life. Africa's challenges often have to do with disease. Malaria is a huge problem. They also don't have great infrastructure built out to transport materials from place to place. Corruption in the governments plagues many African countries as well. These are all problems that by and large the US takes care of for the Amish. Still Africa has cities with more impressive structures than the Amish create. I think its misleading to think that all of Africa is just people living in huts. Take a look at Kinshasa

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Have you been to India or Africa? You might be surprised.

By what, just how shitty they are? Yeah, I was.

India is overpopulated and land is very expensive in most of the country.


They don't have the opportunity to buy land


There is nothing intrisic about Indians which would make them less capable than white people.

There is, yeah. It’s called genetics. Dravidians never created anything. Aryans (they’re white), on the other hand, created some of the first cities in human history in the Indus River Valley.

Indians in the US have the highest average incomes.

You say that like it means something. You actually fucking believe that the white genocide “immigration” program that EXPLICITLY SELECTS THE TOP STREETSHITTERS TO COME HERE TO LIVE OFF THE DOLE is an indication of the average quality of a fucking Indian. Holy shit, you ACTUALLY believe this.

India has had civilization for a very long time.

Thanks to whites, yeah.

Ruins at Dholavira are ~4,000 years old.

The cities on the former bed of the Indus River are ~13,000 years old.

Even within Africa you can find small self-contained communities which aren't “poor"

Thanks to whites.

Africa's challenges often have to do with disease.

Nope, due to their genetics.

Malaria is a huge problem.

Nope. Whites have basically cured it.

They also don't have great infrastructure


Corruption in the governments

Almost as though that’s related to the makeup of the governments. Hmm…

These are all problems that by and large the US takes care of for the Amish.

The Amish don’t like to participate in government. You really don’t understand what you’re saying.

Still Africa has cities with more impressive structures than the Amish create.


I think its misleading to think that all of Africa is just people living in huts.

Show a single African building above two stories built before European colonization.

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They both are thousands of years older than the US. You'd think by now they'd be a shining example of modern advanced society. Something is holding them back. What could that be?

[–] minx88 ago 

The only impressive buildings that are in Africa are made by whites you stupid fucking Knigge or maybe you’re a stupid fucking cake you are an invader as well you’re not European your desert Middle Eastern shit and I need to get the fuck out I will tired of your fucking victim hood take your nasal whiny bitch ass and get the fuck out

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Because the Amish are White & Niggers are Niggers.

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Homo erectus africanus, to be differentiated from the equally brown and rapey Dravidians in Southern Asia and Oceania who are homo erectus indus. Native Indians, Bangladeshis, Papau New Guinea, etc.

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Technically niggers never advanced to the stone age, because they failed to invent the wheel.

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