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link doesn't seem to work but I see what you are talking about. I won't hold my breath for a iOS version of the app lol

Boats for Voat - Apps on Google Playplay.google.com › store › apps › details

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Voat.co, this is a third-party client. This is an app to browse Voat. It has complete basic functionality: login, inbox, comment, vote, etc.

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I use boats for voat. Works for everything but OPing.

[–] moarzor ago 

Why would you clarify you don't own Voat?

Anyway, I remember putt once mentioned Boats holds the highest API traffic (it's very popular). Whoever made this app did great. I just wish we could create new posts with Boats.

[–] EpiPendemic ago 

I copied that text from app description , I should have put in parenthesis.