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20 years later it’s another shit hole African country as the niggers in charge pretend to be European kikes. God they are truly literally animals.

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Yup. Some of the farm murders that I’ve seen are downright evil. Hateful, sadistic treatment of good humble people.

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Jealousy can do that. A great research paper was written a while back with multiple follow-up and summary articles which explained the behavior of people who are lower on the ladder so to speak. Towards those who are both higher up/more capable AND helping them free of charge. That creates a mentality that the ones being helped can never "pay back"" the helpers and for some reason (it's in the article, I think if I remember correctly, it's mostly to do with wrestling control away from the helpers. Regardless if the helper group even sees control or gives a fuck about it. Doesn't matter.)

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They took them in as refugees. Sound familiar?

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What would coloreds be? They're not so much invasive as they are cancerous

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I believe they used to call it the white mans burden.

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So much of the left's ideology is just pure inversion. This is a good example.

We are not allowed to CRITICIZE gangsta culture or the Wall street banksters, but it is white people that are 'fragile'.

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"Take up the white man's burden,

And reap it's old reward,

The blame of those ye better,

The hate of those ye guard." - Kipling

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These statistics are meaningless unless they're contrasted with South Africa in 2019 or later. The skeptic will claim those numbers have held or are better under black rule.

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This means nothing without hardlinking sources. We're in an information war, act like it.

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Don't be lazy, do your own research. You really think you're going to find Jew media internet links to articles of this nature from the 80s?

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So, what? You typed this up from memory?

He's right; this is useless if we can't show it to people we are arguing with.

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Fuck you asshole. You're part of the reason why no one outside if voat buys any of this.

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thanks for the post. almost no one knows that info. because of zionist media / movie lies about "apartheid", and promotion of mandela who was a communist terrorist.

now, the zionist media ignores the destruction of s.a., and genocide of white south africans. and there's almost no mention of helping white south africans who actually deserve to be brought to europe and n. america, while "open borders" is pushed on white countries.

and unlike many 3rd world "refugees", white south africans would contribute to society.

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So when they finally kill all the white south africans/farmers, the country is basically gonna starve, right? Or are they going to be bailed out by countries like the United States?

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They'll get foreign aid from USA and Europe like they always do. As long as Whitey is dead. All the militant black parties/groups in SA are Jew funded. Rabid black supremacist Julius malema has been pictured with Soros. They also get US funding via their ties with the Black Panthers.

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I have wondered about this. Can you imagine a documentary of modern South Africa, and all the 'help' the west gave to the black nationalist Commies, juxtaposed?

God forbid, they would have to admit they made a mistake, or were useful idiots! The problem, generally speaking, in Africa, is that the populations simply grow too quickly. r/K selection.

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Man, that sounds nice. It was probably a huge draw to all of those living in neighboring In countries, who would want to come only to contribute and offer their family a chance at a better life. And I’m sure the altruistic people of South Africa welcomed them; they weren’t monsters, were they.

Once the population tilted far enough, and the freebies weren’t as easy to pass around, it was the hoarding whites that were in the wrong. After all, it was The whites who were keeping the blacks down by holding on to all the power. It wasn’t fair.

Jesus fucking Christ, why don’t people see where we are heading? How can they be so willfully ignorant?

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You can’t help retarded monkeys

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The jews and Bantu moved in. They are the ones that destroyed the place. The jews are selling land of dead farmers to Chinese mineral miners.

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