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Neither does my parents encyclopedia set from the 70's

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Lol you can even see it shows up within 2 years of jews buying brittanica if I recall correctly

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Do you remember what year?

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BUT the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1911 DOES!!! it mentions EXACTLY what Holocaust means. I have seen and read a hard copy of the page so can attest that it is genuine and not faked.

in fact there are at LEAST 288 or more (not sure the exact number... but its more than 250!) mentions of Holocaust, 6 million Jews, imminent starvation, death etc in numerous newspaper publications like the New York Times or the Readers digest (which had 5 million subscribers back then) PREDATING WORLD WAR TWO... they go as far back as 1850!!!!.

here is a good place to start your research


and here are some 60+ books you can buy or download for FREE.



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The 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica is out of copyright.

Holocaust Article: https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/1911_Encyclop%C3%A6dia_Britannica

HOLOCAUST (Gr. ὁλόκαυστον, or ὁλόκαυτον, wholly burnt), strictly a sacrifice wholly destroyed by fire, such as the sacrifices of the Jews, described in the Pentateuch as “whole burnt offerings” (see Sacrifice). The term is now often applied to a catastrophe on a large scale, whether by fire or not, or to a massacre or slaughter.

Entire collection: https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/1911_Encyclop%C3%A6dia_Britannica

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Incidentally that 1910-11 encyclopedia is amongst the most valuable set. A regular set of is about $50 but that specific year is worth thousands.

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But, wait! You said Britannica 1911 discusses it, even though it didn't allegedly happen until 30+ years later? Huh?

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If/When it actually happens, whoever does the deed should make it 7 million just to fuck with their number games.

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yep i lookee that up my self. was at coffe shop that had old encyclopedias and looked for my self no mention what so ever i think it was 1968.. the 70s is when the big lie startee in ernest

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Could you actually imagine time travelling to 1960 and asking about the Holocaust and no one knowing what it was.

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Yep, when all the movies and "special TV events" started. Same time we got "Roots" and white-phobia shit like "Deliverance" specifically targeting the non-urban white populations they now use as a the primary shorthand leftist anti-white dogwhistle today. All very coordinated and coincidental, like so many things lately bearing the same fingerprints.

Reminder that one of the big roles that planted Meryl Streep at the top of the Oscar mountain was "Sophie's Choice":

Sophie's Choice is a 1982 American drama film directed by Alan J. Pakula, who adapted William Styron's 1979 novel of the same name. Meryl Streep stars as Sophie, a Polish immigrant who shares a boarding house in Brooklyn with her tempestuous lover, Nathan, and a young writer, Stingo.

  1. And the eponymous "choice" is straight out of some Evil Villain playbook or elite dinner party hypothetical. Bearing no rational connection to the supposed cold "industrialized Genocide" mindset of the Nazi machine they'd have us believe elsewhere.

She reveals to him that, upon arrival at Auschwitz, she was forced to choose which one of her two children would be gassed and which would proceed to the labor camp. To avoid having both children killed, she chose her son, Jan, to be sent to the children's camp, and her daughter, Eva, to be sent to her death.

As if le evil cold hearted Nazi (again, as they would have us believe they were) wouldn't have chosen the boy for his greater labor potential than a small girl. No choice given, or needed. Cold rationality, logic and situational expedience dictates the outcome.

But...there's always a Golem. A self-defeating aspect to every jewish lie and scheme. And what that is here is a potent illustration of is how jews coming out of eastern europe were very careful to cultivate fascinating and titillating/scintillating (but ultimately unverifiable) "persecution stories" that their artsy, leisure-classes, SJWs-of-the-day, liberal hosts and sponsors could share in and put on display in their closed social circles ("MY persecuted jew has a MUCH better persecution story than YOURS!" style social one-up-man-ship/keeping up with the Joneses). We see exactly the same thing today, only using social media. Who can virtue signal harder than the next liberal. Who can volunteer the most social and financial resources on behalf of the un-consulted taxpayer.

Jews are expert at exploiting these systems of social currency.

Same deal with "The Pianist". Nobody gives a fuck about some rando who skipped town when the bill came due and hid under a pile of hay for 6 months. But a guy who "played for his life" because some Nazi recognized him and wanted him to play as his personal one-man orchestra - Now dats a story worth a nice bed and few hot dinners, goy!!

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This is truth, it's a game now when traveling, find a used book store, see if they have old encyclopedias, look up Holocaust

Never mentioned until the 80s versions, can't pin point exactly what year maybe 1982

Maybe we should buy copies to preserve before bolshevik realize their folly and burn more history

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The largest book burning in world history was committed by the (((Allies))) after the war. They burned tens of millions of books in Germany and throughout Europe as part of their program of "de-nazification".

The famous Nazi book burning was mainly the 25,000 volumes of the (((Institute of Sex Research))) in Berlin and other assorted works of pornography and Jewish Communist subversive trash.

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i go to garage sales regularly. i'm always on the lookout for encyclopedia sets. i'll post more pics when i find them. i'm tryna find a 70's ed with the beginning of it. that's my best guess

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If you watch the Band of brothers mini- series, which was very good by the way, one of the episodes is entitled, 'Why we fight." They brought in a (((director))) for that specific episode which highlights the men of Easy Company stumbling upon a supposed concentration camp. Yet, I read Don Malarkey's book who served in Easy Company, and he says the movie got a lot right, but one of the things that NO ONE in the company remembers was liberating a concentration camp. Total fiction.

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Interesting fact. In April 1945 Himmler ordered the Wehrmacht to hand Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Northern Germany over to the British without a fight so the British could SAVE the inmates. It was over crowded and the supply lines had been cut and there was no food. Plus it was being ravaged by a typhoid epidemic. 14,000 inmates died AFTER the British took over. It took several weeks to get the epidemic under control. Almost all of the film footage of dead bodies and mass graves seen by the public hyped as the "Holocaust" was shot in Belsen in the aftermath of that epidemic.

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Do you have a source? I'd love to read about this.

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Not only did Easy Company never do it, no US troops ever liberated a labor camp. They always got there after the Russians or a German death march

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still meet people who tell me that their dad or granddad was a US soldier who liberated a death camp.

Bull fucking shit. Not a single US military unit liberated any 'death' camp. The only 'death' camps were rather conveniently liberated by the Soviets.

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There were six (6) alleged death camps. They were:


Chelmno (Kulmhof)





All were in the Soviet zone in Poland.

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The only 'death' camps were rather conveniently liberated by the Soviets

Who, as you and I both know, were a jewish regime.

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Shouldn't liberating a "death" camp be impossible? Everyone should be dead.

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of course its a lie a jew lie.

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I used to think it was an edgy meme to say “Hitler did nothing wrong”, but the more I’ve learned the more I realize how wrong I was. Everything we are told is at least a partial lie but often the inverse of reality and truth .

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He did nothing morally wrong. He definitely made a lot of mistakes though.

But criticism is easy, he was still a far better man than I.

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Watch “The Greatest Story Never Told”. It will change your life.

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I recently watched this, the whole damn thing. It’s an amazing story. I just wish more people could see it and that the subject wasn’t so taboo. I mean, fuck, it’s so damn obvious what Hitler was intending to do and I doubt any rational person would have hoped to do otherwise. Like many things in life, the story of what happened is very complicated and long. The idea that Hitler and millions of Germans just woke up one day and decided they all hated Jews is just ridiculous. Anyway, that documentary is really good and I encourage anyone reading this to look it up. It’s on Bitchute.

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He wasted a lot of money on northern coastal fortifications.


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And why have entire mechanized divisions, led by the most capable military commander, in north africa?

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well from what I see the heaviest German fortifications were along the northern coast of France at Pas de Calais, and the reasoning was that this was the shortest route across the English channel that the Allies might take

[–] [deleted] ago 


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100% truth you speak fellow voat goat

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Hey neither does Charles de Gaulle or Eisenhower or Patton. It's like no one could reveal this part of history until the Jews owned all of our banks and media

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kind of like what going on now in US. control the information, erase the old stuff, replace with jew stuff.

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they were busy guys and I'm sure it just slipped their minds when they sat down to write history

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this is "grand architecture" that you are referring to. i wonder if all the builders are gone and this is what is left or if this is just merely another step.

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It's been pointed out quite a few times here that Churchill doesn't mention the Holocaust in his history of WW2. I haven't actually checked it, myself. I own Churchill's history in hardback.

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yes i checkes it out today his memoirs obviosuly dont mention the holahoax so badly there is some bull shit quara answer that tries to explain it away like typical jew magic wizardy


not a very good excuse

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Fucken hell, it’s all skirting the question and conjecture.

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Can you link to this book or tell me the exact title please?

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Also the British officer in charge of monitoring communication in Germany wrote in his memoirs thay there was never any discussion about gas chambers, extermination, genocide, etv. Mind you that he was intercepting the aecret encoded messages. Britain had cracked the Enigma machine, unbeknownst to germa4ny.

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ya that was a giant redpill for me... think about it this way. this is what we have been told.

the germans were evil fucking nazis killing jews because they knew how evil they were they were killing them in extreme ways by every story we hear from jews these methed up psychotic monsters evil vile humans who felt they were doing gods work in killing jews.

right thats the image we have from all we are told by everyone.

yet not one german sends a message saying yes we gassed 1000 of the vermin today.

not one german finaly we are killing the jews the final solution is being csrried out.

NOT FUCKING ONE! and they didnt even know to not talk about it! lol i am a conspiracy theorist and the assholes always say when to many people are involved the seceret cant be kept... so how many people does it take to kill and incinerate 6 million jews? lowest possible number 400? what ever it is using their own fucking logic now way someone doesnt say something in a concrete way

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And as David Irving points out, although the Germans are famous for following rules, writing everything down, taking measurements, listing data points for everything they do, they neglected to keep any paperwork at all on their alleged campaign of extermination.

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It defines the word as a sacrifice made by Jews, not consisting of them.

110% of every utterance by a jew is psychological PROJECTION.

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NOT A SINGLE MENTION IN HIS WAR MEMOIRS... NOR in Charles DeGaulle post war books.

BUT did you know about the 1st World War Holocaust of 6 million Jews? Who were ALSO gassed and killed in similar ways as during the 2nd World war.

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Even Wikipedia thought patrol guards have had to include that the soap and lampshade out of humans was bullshit brought forward from First World War trench rumours/propaganda.

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they will EVENTUALLY have to admit the whole thing was a HOAX. and when it happens, they will justify it by saying "if we didn't make it all up, it would have happened for sure!"

Binjamin Nethanyatu said as recently as 2018 that Iran is preparing a Holocaust of 6 million Jews. (I fucking kid you not!)

it's Talmudic prophesy. they have been saying it for centuries

ANYONE who actually researches the topic HAS to come to the same logical conclusion as most people on VOAT already know. lol.

Lampshades. soap. 4ft high gas vans too small for humans, no mass graves, no chemical residue in ANY of the "death camps" except in actual delousing chambers, so called gas rooms, with windows, and wooden doors etc. the list is endless...it is truly MIND-BOGGLING.

but talk about it in public and you could end up in fucking Jail in some 17 countries. LMFAO... the lie is so ABSURD they need a LAW to prevent people finding out about it

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