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Because we undid patriarchy.

Civilization rests upon fatherhood as 1 of the 3 pillars. For centuries we'd give the children to the father in the event of divorce, partly because he could defend them, partly because he could provide for them, but mostly because it's such a fundamental part of civilization.

Then we caved in to feminist screeching and "followed nature" by giving the children to the mother. That, right there, is guaranteed to destroy your civilization within a few generations.

Pro tip: You can't have nature and civilization at the same time. Pick one? We picked "nature".

Enjoy your nature.

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Yes, which is the same time we started giving the children to the mother (just after the 60's, so more like 50 years, or 2 generations ago).

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Divorce wasn’t common but it did happen. And yes, kids went with the dad.

More commonly, if a married woman really hates her husband in the 1800s, she’d just fucking leave. Nothing legal. She’d just go.

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In the very rare cases of divorce in the past the children belonged to the father as his property.

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Nature is the root of the word natural. There's nothing natural about this.

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This is entirely natural.

Civilization and civilized behavior are UNnatural, which is what is so great about them.

You want single mothers, gangs of young men, a general "gibs me dat!" mindset, with no real concept of private property, morality or general decency? Well that's what you've got, and it's entirely natural.

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It is perfectly natural. The strong always stomp the weak in nature.

Your choice. Continue being a limp wrist, or grow a pair.

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Yes, take money (resources) from the man and give it to the "poor". It is enough to destroy our society. And they did it with the great help from "wamen". We're tax cattle, nothing more.

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Indeed, hence the Great Replacement. One of the downsides to feminism and the state as husband is that the woman doesn't need a real husband, or even children. After all, Daddy Gibsdat will provide for her, even in her old age, right?

Takes a couple of generations for the reality of that ponzi scheme to unravel. Faced with a dying breed our Great Masters are importing more livestock. It really is that simple.

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Why would a society run by strong patriarchs cave to feminism?

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We became weak.

With nature defeated and our basic needs met, we defeated our human enemies and could relax. We relaxed too much and too long, becoming weak, and when women demanded they were equal to men... we said "OK" and let everything go to shit.

Our biggest enemy is within, the White Knight cucked cunts that worship Holy Vagina. They sold, and are still selling, our civilization for a whiff of soiled panties and a smile from a female.

It's fucking disgusting. It's also human nature, which is precisely why you're supposed to guard against that shit, not encourage it!

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Indoctrination is a thing.

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No civilization that we know of has ever gotten to the industrial age or the post industrial age. Few of them even got to the agricultural revolution, None of them on the level that we achieved. Hubris and conceit and homosexuality played a big part in the downfall of Rome. Most whites live a lot better today, in many ways, than Nero did during his time.

A few things to chew on:

The chemicals in canned goods mass produced absolutely caused our endocrine system to go haywire and lowered our sperm count significantly. This was done by whites. We know for a fact it was done to preserve foods but there is a lot of evidence whites did it to control (what was mostly other whites) at the time. Whites did this to whites. Look at other people that have came here. Once abortions and birth control becomes part of their culture(for their women) and once they eat more canned and processed goods, their birth rates level off or go into the negative. Reproductive rates for both black and Hispanic people have leveled. Only immigrants coming here now have a net positive reproductive rate. Whites are just farther down this road than most.

No humans in history have ever survived in nuclear families. It has always been an extended family. You have a nuclear family and that falls apart, then all is lost. While not perfect, extended families living together is more ideal than the nuclear family setting and more stable for marriages and kids. It saves money. White industrialists like Ford, GE, real estate moguls, etc. got behind the nuclear family to sell us more of everything.. washers, dryers, electricity, cars, gas.. you name it. It meant more expansion for everything without really thinking about the long tern consequences.

Industrial revolution made more jobs available to women. Women weren't rushing off to go die in wars by the millions, be a logger in the 1800s, die in coal mining shafts, etc. etc. Men were always seen as more disposable than women. 1 man can impregnate many women. It is not true the other way around.

Post Industrial Society made even more jobs available for women. Now there were more jobs on computers, phones and customer service. You didn't even need the physicality you'd need in a factory or on a farm anymore. Even those jobs were a lot easier post industrial revolution, one big reason death rates lowered in many work places is because we had the tech to make jobs safer and we had the extra fat we needed to spend money on this.

Softer Lifestyles & Less tough choices - Most executions happened because in the recent past we couldn't afford to house prisoners. Cattle rustlers were hung. Thieves had hands chopped off . Even into the 1950s it was very common for a family to lose a member or two to the winter. This happened a lot. Polio wasn't that far off and not just that, a host of other diseases that are no longer as much of a threat to us. Improvements to sanitation, invention of antibiotics and more jails/prison and even welfare food mean we don't have to directly make as many hard choices. Most of us didn't almost starve every winter or have a brother or sister die from the flu or have a mother die giving birth. Most of us didn't have to hang a neighbor or shoot a bandit for stealing our cattle(because if we didn't shoot them we'd starve to death) and most of us didn't grow up making tough choices who in the family would eat and who would starve or having to turn a neighbor away when they were literally starving to death to feed our own.

Feminine hygiene and birth control - Tampons, Maxi Pads, birth control all understandably led to the female sexual revolution. A lady could decide when and when not to get pregnant. Their periods weren't as debilitating as before(birth control reduces the side effects of periods). The realities before were there were ways to prevent pregnancy but if you were fucking you'd probably have a kid, leading many women to have 5 or 6 kids. Again, longer people are here and exposed to these technologies the lower their birth rate drops.

TV- Cell phones- Computers - Social media- Talk to any elderly or even most boomers and they will tell you there was a significant change in the way people interacted with each other after the TV. I noticed this change myself when everyone in the house had their own TV in their own rooms(happened to many households in the 90s) and then again when everyone got their own phones. We talked to each other less, did things together less. I thought this was a consequence of getting older but it was everyone, even adults and their relationships with each other. I noticed a super, drastic change with cell phones and another huge change in people with social media. I think readily available porn has also done a number on our males. These are guys that would not stay indoors and be lonely or suffer being fat previously but with all the games, social media, porn, etc. they will. In the 90s a lot of these same guys would lift, would get 2 jobs to get a vehicle, would do almost anything to get laid.

On top of all that, for decades, definitely since WW2(before that but drastically increasing during and after WW2) whites have had media controlled by another race(Jews) . This is just a fact. I'm talking about radio, TV(free with rabbit ears), cable TV, PPV TV, movies at the theatre then VHS and DVDs then streaming. I quit seeing almost all white directors and many white people at all post 90s in the movies and even on TV now, as most of the whites are actually Jews . The porn industry has been Jewish dominated since the late 80s. Hollywood has been since after WW1. The music industry certainly was Jewish dominated at the Hippy revolution.

While a lot of people here blame Jews for many of our problems and bring up evidence and rightly so, I see it as another group taking advantage of our own weaknesses that we ourselves created. The lack of racial allegiance by our Blue Blood masters and failure to see that that is exactly what protects their dominance compounded with our very culture from TV shows to music to movies dominated by another race and another culture has prevented us, as a people, from coming up with different ways of doing things. It has prevented us from adapting and it has prevented us from fixing a lot of our own problems. I've seen massive push backs from states like TN to close painkiller clinics. Sometimes this makes the local news but almost never makes national media. We've all seen massive efforts to close the border and all the meth coming across but it's only seen as a humane issue when it's poor immigrants. It's not seen as a human issue when it's hundreds of thousands of meth addicts rotting away. We can shut down over 90% of meth labs here but can't stop it from coming across our borders? There is just a lot there.. then with faith based initiatives, which prevents churches from getting too political unless they want their tax exempt status pulled then with IRS threatening audits on top of that.. we don't have any churches even thinking about really challenging the govt. The push back you see from whites, the white suburbs, the gun clubs, the churches that aren't connected to all that but are... that's a pushback but we'd see that on a much more massive scale if we ran our own government or even our own media. We do not.

A lot of things there. There's more but when you think about it, really think about all of it, it is easy to see why we are disappearing faster than the Native Americans did after the arrival of Christoper Columbus to the 1950s or so.

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Too Long, Did Read

Quality post

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this post needs to be broadcast far and wide. it is absolute truth. epsecially the part about the destruction of the extended family. thank you for this thoughtful response.

[–] HeyJeorge ago 

It's far more simple.

White people have conquered most of their real problems and now have none. The low-T crowd (especially women, of course) still need problems to invent to justify their existence, for they serve no constructive purpose any longer to their race and society at large.

In short, those who cannot act to defend their way of life and instead either do not act, or even worse fail to act to defend it, have become parasites that must be eliminated if they cannot be motivated to participate in human progress.

[–] FightingTheDarkArts ago 

But it isn't. I understand your Darwinian approach or taking Occam's razor to things but anyone who looks at life and only sees 'pull yourself up by the boot straps' or views the world only through the eyes of natural selection is an idiot. Nature fucks up all the time. There are plenty of dead ends in nature. While our individualilty and individual selves may be real, our collective selves definitely are. The weak aren't just cut out. They don't just die off. They also pull the rest of is down, especially when you're talking about a race, nation or civilization.

True, we don't live in immediate fear of death everyday. That makes it tough for people, especially people without a purpose given to them when young(like religion) to find one. They have to discover that purpose for themselves and they can't fake that. They have to really believe in their purpose.

You can't expect someone to pull themelves up by the bootstraps when they don't have boots. This is true of a lot of people in the world because of poverty. It is true of a lot of people in the West when you talk about their spirituality or mental fitness. Even someone like Hitler created youth programs and gave people a purpose. Most people are not just cancer or healthy tissue to their race or country. Almost all of us can be both.

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I'm no stranger to longer posts but that was an essay, or an article. Wtl;dr

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Too many words make your skull hurt, thumb head?

[–] HeyJeorge ago 

Go away phone fag child, the adults are talking.

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That was a rhetorical question right?

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There's a typo in your username.

I've read the jew argument on Voat time and time again, and it is compelling. However, you can't blame another people for you choosing to kneel. Hitler's Germany didn't kneel. Why do we?

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Exactly, externalising all our problems onto jews is no better than niggers externalising all their problems onto whitey. At some point we have to take personal responsibility for the state of our societies. History shows jews can just be expelled or exterminated, but neither fixes the problem of traitors within the gates.

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The modern education system and lack of balls.

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education system

That's a good start. We didn't used to have an 'education system'. People were just educated. Sure there were schools, but they were more free to teach instead of indoctrinate.

[–] 10-38-57-69 ago 

Blacks are organizing. We need to organize before they exterminate us

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Blacks can't organize themselves to do shit without their Jew masters

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They are cultists who believe the jew brainwashing. White people are in an anti white cult. It would be funny if it wasn't sad.

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Yeah, it makes me pretty sad. Most days I laugh, but now I'm sad and a bit pissed off.

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Ultimate brainwashing beginning early in life

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Because life has become too easy.we've become lazy africans. We dont think anymore, we just dumbly accept everything in our environment without wanting to give labor. We need whats coming for us so we can be reborn.

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I believe you are correct. Peace for too long dulls our swords and minds.

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Lack of standard parenting.

Fucking - A, stand up. !

You owe no one anything - this is a nation of individuals building a civil society.

Fuck those stupid whites for kneeling - how embarrassing.

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Lack of standard parenting.

That's probably in the top offenders list. People I talk to either hate parenting (and thus barely do it, i.e. their kids are still alive so they've parented) or opt out of it altogether. It's fucked up.

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