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Steven Spielberg is a pedophile jew.

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It’s spelled J-E-W-S

Common mistake for the unawake

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the original ending the sherrif and shark made friens but hollywood always promotes violence

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Not enough tornadoes.

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It fucking destroyed the white small town oceanside communities that relied on seasonal tourism. It was a targeted hit perpetrated by the jew Steven Spielberg.

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JAWS is my favorite movie, I have seen it so many times I have all the dialogue memorized. Yes Spielberg is a shit, but I will never stop loving that movie. Every time I hear Quint tell the USS Indianapolis story it always sends chills down my back.

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Same story same feeling

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There is something about the original movie poster that makes me feel upset. Something about a large-nosed predator in position to strike a blond haired, white woman; just hits something deep I can't seem to explain.

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