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Master cylinder, slave cylinder. (vehicle clutch system) Master drive, slave drive. (computer system) Change those names too? You will never, EVER, satisfy a liberal. (communist)

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Master/slave drive was dropped a while back.

[–] weezkitty ago 

Wasn't that mostly because SATA took over?

[–] TemetNosce ago 

Cool, TIL.

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Maybe I'm gonna go Gatorbate later... who knows.

[–] serfer0 ago 

Go away, baitin’!

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It actually is WAY more applicable to MasterCard as debt is slavery

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Don't forget masterlock. Guess they shouldn't use master keys anymore either. Have to cancel MasterChef, it's obviously racist. Nobody should be able to get a master's degree anymore, especially not in race relations or african history, clearly racist.

No more he-man, master of the universe is clearly slave owner talk. I guess all the audio engineers are out of work now too because no more master tracks, sorry DRE.


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Well master locks have been slowing down joggers for 100 years.

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No more Master-Mind events.

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I like to refer to them as “Massa” Bedrooms, myself.

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Oh, I bet MasterCard will change the name and virtue signal it to death. I bet the commercials are being made right now.

We could have had flying cars, could have colonized other planets. Nope, we had to babysit the feelings of weak cultures and individuals...

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No kidding.

I remember school house rock cartons in the early 70’s that lamented spending money on the moon when so many people were poor on earth.

And you can imagine what the poor cartoon characters looked like. Black ink by the barrel.

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All that pandering did was create a birth boom and even more starve now.

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MasterCard will change it's name to PanderCard.

[–] imwithstupid- ago 

Flying cars were never going to be a thing. They're impractical.

[–] StrangeThingsAfoot ago 

There's some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's niggercard.

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All those E-8s about to be demoted back to lowly E-5s. Ouch. Thanks for your decades of service guys, but historical racism is forcing us to remove the term master from your rank.

And Master Chief from HALO, Is he now just Chief? Or will we have to 86 that as well, because of the whole cultural appropriation of Native American tribal ranking?

Where does it stop? I'm guessing shortly after the last free thinker is put to the wall and shot.

[–] Charilko ago 

You laugh but people are now saying that “Chief” is racist too.

[–] Drkadrka ago 

Fuck it, shut it all down. End the Brave Browser, Atlanta Braves, KC Chiefs, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, NE Patriots, no more Hail to the Chief, Eric Church needs to rename his 2011 album, Chief, to something less offensive, and you dirty dopers need to stop chiefing your mary jane in your mom's basement. Base-ment, seems a bit right wing, lets call it a wokement. Taco bell needs to change their name to represent the diversity of the mexican american regional cuisines. Burger King needs to be Burger Queen to represent both women and faggots. McDonalds is oppressive to the Irish, who were originally black, lol, so that's offensive to BLM.

The level of absurdity leaves me wanting to wake up, like I am stuck inside nightmare, inside a dreamworld.

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They also stopped listing:

Homes with trees in their yards as they are racist because they can be used in lynchings

Homes with mud rooms because mud is a racist term

Homes with closests because that is derogatory to homosexuals

Homes with back doors because that makes fun of homosexuals

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