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They already do, we do everywhere. You pay for every aspect of a niggers life.

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most niggers can't even feed themselves without whitey

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literally true for billions in Africa

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and all the illegal mexicans.

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This. Do NOT forget the fucking spics. They have to go.

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There are more spics than niggers in the US.

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I doubt it's ever been explicitly expressed like it is here. Welcome to Kencucky.

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-400k lifetime net taxes

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let Darwin take care of them.

What do you have against the capital of your Northern Territory?

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From OzPol: It's a Chink beach head these days.

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How many of them exist in Australia though and what sort of funding do they get? Over here blacks get just as much as whites without doing anything. Many of them seem to know how to exploit the welfare and debt systems and many have much nicer things than I do even though they don't work and I do. Do the aboriginals get a similar amount of assistance where they live just as comfortably as the average or even lower-income Australians?

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they literally have bonfires in their living rooms

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They literally need to be reminded not to sleep in the middle of the road.

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That's an easy equal protection lawsuit.

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In the normal world? Sure is.

In our current clown world? Not so sure.

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Current supreme court would probably still shut it down if it came to that.

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Great point. Honk honk.

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It’s a video game to these retards

“Well you started with +10 privilege so they get +100 equality “

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Hah, you think Jewy McJewstein Attorneys will take your case on?

[–] OogaBooga696969 ago 

You still need judges and juries that are willing to uphold constitutional law. That will definitely be an uphill battle. Absolutely worth fighting for though.

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Kentuckians start identifying as black on all government forms. Make them define exactly what black is before the gibs start.

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I am a strong advocate for lying on any and all forms to fuck up data.

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Considering changing my insurance forms to female for those sweet discounts

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Whites enable all this by following all the rules like a bunch of squares. It’s okay to identify as a minority! Liz Warren blazed that trail for us, God bless her.

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that's pretty good

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It's not.

But it's already done.

Income tax isn't legal.

All taxes besides taxes on businesses are illegal.

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And yet here we are still paying it

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not everyone

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He's running his dick sucker. There's no way he'll ever get that through the Assembly.

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Beshear is the smarmy little twat they weaseled into office because they laid the failure every previous governor at Bevin's feet.

Basically, every administration prior had kicked the can down the road on teacher pensions, and the problem just kept growing. Bevin tried to do something about it, and all the media could talk about was "Bevin hates teachers!"

So they were already pissed off that he won in 2015 because they treated the election like a mere formality (foreshadowing the Presidential race in 2016), and they used their "please think of the teachers" rhetoric, and likely some underhanded backroom tactics, to install Beshear last year.

IIRC his father, former Governor Steve Beshear, didn't even attend the swearing-in.

And to top it all off, his daily chink-flu briefings are pretty much the same kind of thing Trump has been doing. But while people shit all over Trump for it, they're sucking Beshear's cock. Why? Because he's an anti-Trump liberal and can do no wrong in their eyes. That's pretty much the only reason.

tl;dr - Fuck Beshear.

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Read the Constitution... Especially the part that talks about the FED and the IRS. It's easy to find. Just search it.

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Article honk, section honk honk

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While the leftists may chatter

And their angry teeth gnash,

It still doesn't matter

All black lives are trash.

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Nigger lives are worth less than zero,

A burden to bear wherever they go.

If nigger lives were worth more than shit,

They wouldnt be colored walking pieces of it.

Walking piles of fecal matter,

Kill all nigs now stomp their heads till they splatter.

If you have to say it how true can it be,

If nigger lives mattered we wouldnt hear it but see.

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If you have to say it, how true can it be?

If Black Lives Mattered, we wouldn't hear it, we'd see.

This should be on stickers.

[–] Trueseeker_90 ago 

👏bravo 😢

[–] mean_dot [S] ago 

You are a wordsmith.

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