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Clients make appointments to be tattooed and then don't show up.

No call, no shows, are very inconvenient. If the client at least put down a deposit, then we already have a half hour's worth of the tattoo's cost that is not refundable. If it's a big piece though, then we(the artists) intentionally didn't schedule any more appointments until much later in the day so when that client doesn't show up, we are losing money and relying on walk-in for income until that next appointment shows(assuming that they do or that we thought we would even have time for a second appointment that day). This especially goes for when we come in on our day off and the client never shows. We just planned our day around you. At least call.

A little consideration goes a long way.


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I can serve one right back to ya - I put down a $150 deposit on a large leg piece two years ago, talked to the artist over the phone and set everything up. Went in, gave him a rough sketch, he promised me the moon and a couple stars thrown in for good measure. Fine. Total price, about five bills. One and a half deposit.

Fucker showed up almost an hour late, and drunk.


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Shit. Did you check his portfolio first? Also, if any of our artists showed up to work drunk, they'd be fired on the spot. That's incredibly unprofessional. And if we're late? It's because the appointment before your's ran over a little. Sometimes it's hard to gauge how long a tattoo will take. We want to do the best possible work on each client so we don't rush anybody. It's awful that he behaved that way. Good luck with your next artist! I hope you don't go back to that one... :/

Did you still get the tattoo?