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From my understanding it's not the amount of deaths that is the problem, it's the speed at which they happen. The normal flu kills people slowly over an extended period. The flu has been around since forever so most people have natural immunities and don't even get it, causing it to spread slowly. This corona virus is a novel virus, it's never been in humans before, so 100% of people can get it and transmit it for up to two weeks before they even start showing symptoms, meaning it spreads fast and it's damage is "all at once". The problem isn't the death toll, it's hospitals and supply chains being able to keep up and not collapse.


[–] mmabouncer 20 points 33 points (+53|-20) ago 

Get off Voat.... you're too informed.


[–] Glory_Beckons 18 points 10 points (+28|-18) ago 

Except he's not:

  1. The 15k to 60k flu deaths happen every year and during flu season, typically spanning no more than 3 or 4 months. This means the typical flu spreads and kills much faster than this virus.
  2. Coronavirus is not new to humans. Various strains of it are the most common cause of what is referred to as "the common cold".
  3. While this particular strain jumped from animals, that is not unusual. Viruses jump between species all the time. From animal to human. And back again.
  4. There is absolutely no reason to assume, nor any evidence to indicate, that this strain has never been with humans before. It may well have originated in humans, jumped to animals, and now returned.
  5. Humans have natural resistances to this "new" strain as well. We've seen that many people, if not most, don't develop symptoms at all, even when carrying it.
  6. The flu bypasses previous immunity by mutating constantly. Otherwise everyone would be immune and it would have died out long ago.
  7. There is no widespread automatic immunity to the flu, and it spreads very rapidly. That's why it infects 40 to 60 million every year, in the USA alone. That's why you're told to get a new flu shot every year (which often doesn't work, because it keeps mutating and bypassing immunity unpredictably).
  8. Shutting down businesses does nothing to help maintain supply chains.
  9. Collapsing the entire economy in an effort to keep hospitals from collapsing is abject stupidity.

There's at least one thing wrong with every single sentence in his comment.


[–] he_found_wepon 10 points 5 points (+15|-10) ago 

Except hes wrong, the flu season last like 5-6 months at most. Coronavirus has been active for almost 5 months and it's killed nowhere near as many. And unlike coronaviruses, the flu returns every year.


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The important thing is that when they stop us outside the grocery store, pull us over in our car, stop at a checkpoint or visit us at our house based on the gun registry, that we allow them to conduct "the test" so they can tell us that we are a "carrier without symptoms" and give us a ride to our designated FEMA camp. Don't worry though, if you have children, they will be immediately shipped to Jeff and Harvey's Children Rescue in Israel where they will be "safe".

Trust the plan.


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No, the retards who think it's a hoax should get off voat. Although I guess the chinese virus will soon take care of that for us.


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A flu season starts with 100,000 people infected. How is that possible? Well, for one thing it follows winter. It goes to the southern hemisphere when it's summer in the northern hemisphere. When winter returns, the virus doesn't return in just one carrier, it returns in many. By contrast, covid-19 started with just one (or maybe two or three) people in China.

In other words, it spreads like wildfire. If you cured every person on Earth who has the flu, but left one person infected, the world probably wouldn't even discover the flu existed for a few years. But with covid-19, it took only a few months.

The other thing is, the death toll is increasing exponentially. It doubles every 7 days. Do the math on a spreadsheet and you'll realize it's a big problem.

covid-19 spreads two or three times faster than the flu. Covid-19 kills (at least) 20 or 30 times more people than the flu. Anyone who looks at a completed flu season and compares it to the first month of covid-19 is just not getting the point.


[–] Masaze 4 points 8 points (+12|-4) ago 

The limited number of tests means that only ill or even severely ill people are being tested, if you did the same with any virus, it's going to show a very high death rate.

Asymptomatic and mild cases aren't tracked yet, so the real death rate is unknown. The common cold kills tens of thousands that develop severe symptoms or are immune compromised every year. If tests to determine individual viruses were ran on each one, panic could be created at any time.


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It's not possible for a virus to have the incubation periods they are suggesting and also move faster than a regular flu with incubation periods of 1-2 days. The slower the incubation, the slower the spread. The regular flu has a ridiculous velocity.


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There is no death toll from something called “COVID-19.” Anyone can look around them and see a complete lack of deadly disease outbreak. Repeating fudged numbers from the tellyvision doesn’t change this.

People are “testing positive” for something they are choosing to call “COVID-19” that seems to be either a type of coronavirus common in flulike symptoms or a remnant of prior flu shots. The “test” is highly prone to both false positives and false negatives. Either way, it has no correlation to illness and people are certainly not dying in unexpected numbers from some strange new illness.

There is no “big problem.” You don’t have any real life observation or experience to say as much. You don’t work in healthcare; You are talking out of your ass.


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I work in healthcare, absolutely correct.

I'll expand on the "hospitals and supply chains" when people get sick, which you will, it attacks your respiratory a large number of you will require hospitalization for ventilation and intubations. Which is specialized equipment not readily available en masse. Most of that shit is in the ICU locations, they're specialized beds. We don't have enough to handle everyone.

So that's the flatten the curve that's being promoted. Slow down the rate how many people get sick.


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Blackguard is literally retarded, no point engaging him.

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[–] blackguard19 12 points -8 points (+4|-12) ago 

If you really work at a hospital you can be honest and say that there is no greater volume of respiratory related illnesses at this time than normal, and there is no sudden shortage of supplies or resources due to a rampant disease outbreak.

I also work in healthcare and I can see this for myself. The only shortages are due to panicked over-ordering.


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To put it another way, the first COVID-19 case was in mid November. 1 person got another 1 person sick, which doubled the number of people it infected. From 1->2. Then got another 2 sick to double again. 2->4. Each time it doubles is just as hard as the prior time. It managed to double 18-19 times in a row to get to it's current numbers at 300k. If it can do it 18 times in a row, there's no reason to believe it'll stop. If we give it the chance to double another 15 times, it's infected every human on the planet. (~sorta, isolated people will never be infected, some individuals might be fully immune, there's some climate or race related effects that might render regions resistant, but the above is close enough.)

What's worse is that it got split into multiple strains when it was still at >40k infections. Each person is a new chance for another strain. If we let it just run rampant, we could be looking at 200,000+ new strains. If that happens, even healthy people would be fucked because their immune system would be getting gang banged by a dozen different variants at the same time. That's human extinction time.

That's not going to happen, because humans won't let it happen. We see what it could do and we quarantine to reduce it's ability to double. We cut off travel between regions so variant strains don't get reintroduced. Hell, even the nogs and pajeets are quarantining. Ancient goatfuckers figured it out; quarantines are older than the bible. For the entire history of our species until modern day, disease has been the highest cause of death by a mile. As a species, we are very well adapted to fight it with our behavior... But only if we actually fight it.