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My gf is overweight but is the most loving devoted loyal person I've ever met. I've dated skinny women before and although I know not all are like this but my experience shows that they are the highest maintenance, shallow, arrogant bitches imaginable. My gf takes care of me in so many ways. She'll bring me food at my work on her lunch break, routinely takes me out and refuses to let me pay, buys things for me that she knows I'll like and all the sex I can handle and then some. All without even being asked and I do the same for her. She is simply the most amazing person I've ever met. Who cares if she isn't a swimsuit model? I certainly don't. She is cute and cuddly and I love her more than anyone on this planet. I am happier with her now than any other time in my life.


[–] nobodylistensanyway 8 points 5 points (+13|-8) ago 

This. The people who are saying they are with their girlfriends/SOs and if they get out of shape they get dumped are seriously shallow people.


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Not shallow, realistic. No point dating someone any longer if you can no longer maintain an erection when staring at their naked bulbous body


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All of their justifications are fears of "what if" but if that what if case actually happens and they were really in love before the what if, it would be much harder to leave than the way they are stating it. Not saying they won't leave, but its not as simple as putting it into words. A lot more comes into account and more what ifs can be laid out for a compromise while retaining love for each other. Actually being in love is the most important part, and if it wasn't there before, it definitely won't be there after so any possibility to stay together will seem way too difficult.


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If I'm not sexually attracted to someone, why would I maintain a sexual relationship with them?

A relationship requires work, and the inability to put forward the minuscule amount of effort required to remain above the line of "so disgusting I can't achieve an erection" says a great deal about a person and how much they really value the relationship/their partner.

This obviously works in both directions.

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I hate the stereotype of skinny women are shallow, and high maintenance, and arrogant. I really do. I have a lot of very fit female friends, maybe not 6 packs but who are active doing the things they love like hiking, welding, volunteering to build houses for the homeless, and none of them are shall or high maintenance. An example, is M from Europe, she is a bean pole, and she is the sweetest most thoughtful loving person I have met in a long time. She is married to one of my best friends and she is not just his wife, she has become our friend and part of our family.

I think the stereotype comes from the shallow girls like Mean Girls, or Laguna Hills. Women who are thin because they are obsessed with their looks, vs. women who are thin because they are NOT obsessed with their looks.